2019 CrossFit Games Survival Guide: 5 Things to Keep An Eye Out For

2019 CrossFit Games Survival Guide: 5 Things to Keep An Eye Out For

The CrossFit Games are going to be held from May 20th to June 3rd in Columbus, Ohio. The competition will consist of over 100 events with competitors from all around the world competing for $50,000 in prize money and bragging rights. There have been some changes since last year’s event which resulted in many people being upset. One of them was the cancellation of a popular event called “CrossFit Death Match”.

What Is CrossFit Death Match?

According to its website, “CrossFit Death Match” is a death match between two teams of five athletes each. Each team must complete 10 rounds of hand-to-hand combat against another team of five athletes. The first team to score 500 points wins. The event has been running for years at various gyms across the country. However, it was discontinued due to lack of participants.

Why Did CrossFit Cancel It?

In a recent interview with CrossFit Magazine, founder Greg Glassman stated that he wanted to focus on other things such as the upcoming Open and the new affiliate model. He also mentioned that he didn’t want to spend time promoting something that wasn’t working out well for him anymore. This angered many CrossFitters who felt as if it was just another example of Glassman not considering their needs.

What Happened at Last Year’s Event?

Last year’s event was held in Aromas, California and was a huge success with over 6,000 people showing up to support the CrossFit community. There were some changes to the competition too. One of them was the brand new “Chipper” which consisted of five to seven Olympic weightlifting movements for time. This was the first time that something like this had been done at the games and it served as a great time filler.

There were also rumors of corruption, cheating, and poor judging standards during the competition last year, but nothing was ever confirmed. There are always going to be rumors of foul play at any competition of this size.

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