5 Interesting Facts From the CrossFit Games Leaderboard—Week 4

5 Interesting Facts From the CrossFit Games Leaderboard—Week 4

5 Interesting Facts About CrossFit Games Leaders

1. CrossFit Games Winners are Based on Scores from the Open Division

The open division consists of all competitors who have not yet earned their spot in the elite athletes or masters divisions. These individuals compete against each other at the beginning of every month for a chance to earn a spot in one of these two divisions.

2. There Are Three Categories of Competitors: Elite Athletes, Masters Athletes, and Novice Athletes

Elite athletes are those who have competed in a sanctioned competition within the last three years. They may be male or female, and they must meet specific weight classes. Masters athletes are those who have competed in a sanctioned competition within the past five years. They may be male or female, and they must meet specific body fat percentage requirements.

Novice athletes are those who have never competed in any type of competitive sport.

3. Each Division Has Its Own Set of Unique Rules

These rules are in place to ensure that every division has a chance to win. Each division has a different weight range, for example. Elites are expected to have most of the skills required to complete the workouts, while masters athletes are supposed to have a solid foundation. They’re able to learn quickly, but they may not have the same degree of experience as elite athletes.

The novices are at an extreme disadvantage. They’re expected to follow every single rule to the letter. If they don’t, it’s very unlikely that they’ll ever be able to move up to the elite division.

4. There Are Eighteen Workouts Throughout the Year

Workouts can sometimes be repeated. Therefore, athletes may have to perform ten pull-ups one month, then twenty the next, and finally fifty after that. This is known as “repeatable.” In addition, there are a few workouts that are so difficult or unique that they only appear once during the year.

These are referred to as “special.”

5. The Workouts Are Described in Detail on the Website

There is an outline of exactly what is expected of the athletes with every single workout. There is also a description of how many reps or movements should be completed in a certain amount of time. However, there are certain things that aren’t included in these descriptions. The athletes need to know specific rules that may not be apparent from the workouts alone.

5 Interesting Facts From the CrossFit Games Leaderboard—Week 4 -

The type of equipment allowed is listed, but the order of events is not—this is an important rule that determines which athlete can begin first. In some cases, athletes are only allowed to use a specific limb, such as with the shoulder-to-overhead event.

6. There Are Two Kinds of Events: Moving and Not Moving

In these events, the athlete is either working against the clock or moving from station to station. In these, the athlete may rest as long as they need to between each repetition. The non-moving workouts, on the other hand, are self-explanatory. The athlete completes the entire workout before moving on to the next one.

7. There Are Four Rules That May Be Changed Each Month

These rules are altered every month in an effort to keep the athletes from getting too acclimated to one specific rule set. These four rules are limited to how many reps can be done in a certain amount of time, whether or not a partner can help, the number of times a limb can be used, and whether rest is allowed or not.

8. You Can’t Use the Same Muscles Two Months in a Row

The workouts are carefully designed to target a specific muscle group. They’re also designed to never allow for complete recovery. While resting those muscles, the rest of your body still has to continue training. As a result, you’ll be competing against athletes with a notable advantage because they’ll be hitting their targeted muscles two months in a row.

This may be adjusted in the future as Alpha induces more muscle fatigue.

As you can see, the online Alpha Academy is an incredibly demanding endeavor.

The question is: Will you take the plunge?

Would you like to register for the Alpha Academy? Yes, I’m a born athlete. I can handle this.

5 Interesting Facts From the CrossFit Games Leaderboard—Week 4 on

No, this seems too intense. Maybe I’ll try another path.

You make your way to the Alpha Academy in hopes of becoming a professional hero. As you walk through the front door, you find that the building is practically empty. There’s a few unimpressive offices in the front, a small lounge with a kitchenette, a locker room, and even a small armory. However, that’s it.

It seems like all the high-tech machinery is located elsewhere.

You hear a door open behind you. You turn around and find yourself face to face with one of the most handsome men you’ve ever seen. He’s tall, muscular, and his face has that perfect balance of masculinity and attractiveness. His smile is bright and inviting, and his eyes seem to stare right through you, as if he knows you better than you know yourself.

Hey—you’re the new recruit, right?”

he says, extending his hand. “I’m Captain Dylan Hunt.”

You accept his handshake. His hands are large and rugged, but his handshake is firm but not bone-crushing. “Pleasure to meet you,” you say. “I’m Will Kenmore.”

“So, Will, I’ve been going over your records. You’ve impressed me.”


Dylan smiles and nods his head. “Oh, yes. You have excellent grades, you’ve been a volunteer at your local hospital for three years, and you’ve been teaching disabled children how to swim. Not many twenty-year-olds I know would take that on.”

You blush slightly. “I just like helping people.”

Dylan smiles again. “Good answer.

So, are you ready to begin your training?”

You mean begin today?”

“Of course. If you’re going to be a hero, you need to start learning as soon as possible.”

You nod. “I’m ready.”

Dylan extends his arm, gesturing for you to follow him. You comply, and he shows you to the armory. It’s well-stocked with laser rifles, laser pistols, tazers, tranq guns, nets, riot shields, grenades, knives and more. There’s enough equipment here to take over a small country.

“Wow,” you say, “I didn’t know we’d get this equipment.”

5 Interesting Facts From the CrossFit Games Leaderboard—Week 4 on

Dylan nods. “The UN has a technology contract with us, so we’re always getting the newest and best toys.” He smiles. “

Would you like to try out some of our weapons?”

You nod eagerly. This is more like it.

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