5 More Athletes in Breach of CrossFit’s Drug Policy, Including a 4x Games Champion

5 More Athletes in Breach of CrossFit’s Drug Policy, Including a 4x Games Champion

5 More Athletes in Breach of CrossFit’s Drug Policy, Including a 4x Games Champion

In the past few years there have been several high profile cases involving athletes using performance enhancing drugs (PED) at various levels of competition. These include:

Athletes with multiple drug tests coming back positive for PEDs. A former world record holder who tested positive for testosterone, which was later found to be from an over the counter supplement.

A professional basketball player who tested positive for Adderall, which was later found to be from a prescription pill. An NFL football player who tested positive for HGH, which was later found to be from a dietary supplement. A college baseball pitcher who tested positive for Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which was later found to be from a dietary supplement.

These cases have caused some controversy within the CrossFit community and beyond. Some believe these athletes were given unfair advantages by the sport’s drug testing policies.

Others feel that the athlete were simply taking advantage of loopholes in the rules and regulations.

The truth lies somewhere in between. There is no perfect system to catch all cheaters, but it does seem like there should be better ways to identify them than relying solely on drug tests.

Crossfit’s Drug Policy

What exactly does CrossFit do to prevent their athletes from using PEDs?

Crossfit’s official stance on doping is that it opposes the use of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) under any circumstances. Their website states “If you don’t survive the initiation, you shouldn’t be able to reap the rewards.”

Is this really enough though?

While it is true Crossfit does test its athletes, the company has no set punishment for those who are caught and it’s not exactly a rigorous testing program. The only time an athlete is required to take a drug test is if they qualify for the annual Crossfit games. If an athlete happens to win one of the games, then they will be tested afterward. If they test positive, they get their title stripped. However, there is no further punishment.

There is also nothing preventing cheaters from using PEDs in the first place. With no testing occurring outside of the games, it gives athletes a chance to juice up as much as they want as long as they stop in time to avoid detection.

It’s important to note that the company has recently made a push to become an official sanctioned sport by the international body that oversees Olympic sports. If Crossfit is granted this status, it would mean more rigorous drug testing for its athletes.

Crossfit’s Loopholes

While Crossfit may not test their athletes, it’s obvious that they’ve made provisions to prevent cheating. It’s clear that the company understands the issue at hand and has made an effort to prevent it.

5 More Athletes in Breach of CrossFit’s Drug Policy, Including a 4x Games Champion - Image

However, it looks like their drug testing policy was created more as a way to appease their audience rather than actually curb cheating on any meaningful level.

While it’s true Crossfit has no way of testing athletes out of competition, it doesn’t mean that they can’t do more. For example, the company could at least make urine samples available during competitions in order to test for the use of performance-enhancing drugs such as steroids.

This is something that every single league, including the NFL and MLB, does. Granted, it’s not a perfect system, but it’s clearly a better alternative than what they have right now.

Furthermore, a lot of Crossfit’s top athletes have gone on the record as saying they believe that performance-enhancing drugs should be allowed in the sport. Most of these individuals have stated that they feel the need to do everything within their power in order to stay at the top of this increasingly demanding sport.

If this is truly the case, then why not allow them to take drugs if they want to?

If Crossfit permitted the use of steroids, it would eliminate any potential controversy and actually make the company look a lot more progressive.

The reason why they don’t is because it would ruin their perfectly crafted narrative.

Athletes Want To Do Them So Let Them

Crossfit needs to start being honest with itself and its fans. The fact of the matter is, many of their top competitors are going to do performance enhancing drugs anyway.

If Crossfit wants to have any real credibility, they need to either start administering year-round drug testing and become an official sport or open up the floodgates and allow their competitors to use steroids.

Until then, the company should stop talking about a problem that they clearly don’t want to fix. The only people that are actually being fooled here are the fans.

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