5 Reasons Your Lower Back Hurts (And How To Fix It)

5 Reasons Your Lower Back Hurts (And How To Fix It)

1) Lower Back Pain Causes Female:

2) What Is Lower Back Pain? 3) Why Do Women Have More Lower Back Pain Than Men? 4) Common Symptoms Of Low Back Pain In Females And Males:

5) 5 Reasons Your Lower Back Hurts (And How To Fix It):

Lower back pain is one of the most common reasons why women seek medical attention. There are many theories about the cause of low back pain in females.

Some say it’s due to hormonal changes during pregnancy or childbirth. Others believe that it may be caused by certain diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, or even some types of cancer. But there is no definite answer to this question yet.

The good news is that if you have low back pain and want to get better quickly then you need not worry too much about any of these possible causes because they are all false. The bad news is that if you don’t have back pain, but still suffer from other health problems then you might not be aware of them and therefore could end up suffering from something worse than low back pain.

Low back pain affects both men and women equally. However, it tends to affect women more often than men because they tend to spend less time sitting down while working and walking around.

They also tend to wear different kinds of clothing which makes their backs ache more easily.

6) 5 Reasons Your Back Hurts (And How To Fix It):

7) What Are The Most Common Causes Of Low Back Pain? As a matter of fact, the most common causes of lower back pain are quite simple.

The most common causes of low back pain are:

Injury or strain: this is probably the most common cause for back pain in general. Most of us lead an increasingly sedentary lifestyle and when we do physical labor we are not as young as we once were so all of this adds up to the fact that our backs can be prone to injury and strain.

Sometimes the smallest thing can cause a great injury to your back.

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Sitting down or standing up: I don’t mean literally, although if you have a physically strenuous job then this may happen quite frequently! I mean that sometimes when you are sitting down you can feel your back hurting after you get up.

In particular, if you have been sitting in the same position for a very long time your lower back may hurt after you move. This is mainly due to the fact that your muscles get very weak and tight when you don’t move them very much during the day. When you get up from sitting or lying down they have to stretch a little longer than they are used to and this can cause pain.

Poor mattress: if you’re having back problems then it is very possible that your bed is to blame. If your bed isn’t supportive enough or is too soft then it can cause strain on your back.

Try sleeping on a harder mattress or including a mattress topper for more support. Also check to see if your bed is just old and needs replacing!

Poor shoes: some people won’t think about their feet when they have back problems, but your feet can be a major contributor to back pain. If you have shoes that don’t fit you properly then this can cause extra strain on your back when you’re standing or walking.

Try wearing shoes that fit your feet properly and make sure you go shoe shopping regularly so your feet don’t swell too much!

Poor posture: this is probably the biggest cause of low back pain. Most of us have poor posture and don’t realize it until something like a back injury happens.

The best way to fix your posture is to be more conscious about the way you sit, stand, and walk. It also helps to do some back strengthening exercises to make sure your back is as strong as it can be.

8) What Are The Most Common Conditions That Can Cause Back Pain? There are a lot of conditions that can cause you to have back pain.

Some of these will be temporary while others are a little more serious. It is important to assess the pain and your symptoms to see what kind of treatment method will work best for you.

Typically, however, there are some conditions that many people get that can be fixed with the help of a medical professional.

Torn Muscles: usually tight muscles can cause pain in your back and this is especially the case in people who lead fitness lifestyles. If you’re really active or just have very tight muscles, then they can start to tear after over-stretching.

Typically, once a muscle has torn it will take at least a few weeks before it heals up and gets back to normal. During this time you will experience pain when you stretch the muscle. This can be treated with the help of anti-inflammatory pills such as Ibuprofen, or other related OTC meds.

Bursitis: this is a kind of swelling that occurs around your joints. Typically it is because of an injury such as falling awkwardly or having repetitive strain on the area.

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While bursitis is usually painful it isn’t usually too serious and can be treated through icing, elevation, rest and over-the-counter pain medication.

Disc Herniation: this is when there is a tear in the outer layer of your disc. This causes the jelly-like center to leak out and put pressure on the nerves in that area.

This is very painful and can cause numbness, tingling, or even severe pain in the area where these symptoms are taking place.

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