A Recap of 15.4 + Some Tips From the Pros

A Recap of 15.4 + Some Tips From the Pros

A recap of 15.4:

The new MacBook Pro with Retina display is now available at Apple stores worldwide starting today (March 9). The high-resolution screen offers up to three times the pixels of its predecessor, and it’s not just because the screen size has increased from 1366×768 to 1920×1080 pixels. The Retina Display features a pixel density of 264 ppi — four times higher than the average LCD panel. That means every single one of those tiny dots represents only 0.00001 percent of the total area of your computer monitor.

Apple says that each individual pixel can represent up to 1 million colors, which makes the Retina Display ideal for displaying images and other complex graphics. And yes, it works even when viewed through sunlight or direct sunlight.

The Retina Display is so bright that you’ll need special lighting equipment to view it properly in normal indoor light conditions. It’s still OLED, which means it can be viewed from wider range of angles without losing its brightness or contrast. The viewing angle is 170-degrees, so you can view images from far left and far right to see the Retina Display clearly.

You’ll need HD videos to take advantage of that high-resolution screen. That’s why Apple has completely done away with the DVD drive in the MacBook Pro and replaced it with a new strategy. It comes with four USB 3.0 ports, an SDXC card slot, a new MagSafe 2 power port, two ThunderBolt ports, and 802.11n Wi-Fi.

The new MacBook Pro with Retina display starts at $2,500 for the 13-inch model and $3,000 for the 15-inch version. The higher-end 15-inch model also doubles your RAM from 8GB to 16GB and hard drive storage from 750GB to 1TB.

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