BoxLife Competitor’s Training #528

BoxLife Competitor’s Training #528

BoxLife Competitor’s Training #528: Comptrain Silverback

The CrossFit Games are coming up soon! You have been training hard since last year and you are ready to take your game to the next level. The box you belong to is called BoxLife Competitor and it is located in the small town of Woburn Massachusetts.

Your coach is a man named Mark who lives nearby with his wife Brenda and their two children.

You train at the local YMCA gym which is just down the street from where you live. There are no other gyms in your area so you have to travel quite a bit to get good quality training. For example, if you were going to go to one of the bigger gyms like CrossFit Fierce or CrossFit Beast, then it would cost $100-$200 per session.

If you were going to go to a smaller gym, like BoxLife Competitor, it would probably cost less than $20 per session.

It is not uncommon for most box owners to spend between $50-$75 per month on equipment such as mats, weights, barbells and straps. Most of these costs are covered by sponsorships from companies like Specialty Health Equipment (SHE), Fitocracy and others.

The CrossFit Games are broken up into three stages: The first is the Open, which started on February 22nd and will run until April 26th. You can select from one of 18 different workouts during that time. Your best six scores from the Open will count towards your placement.

The second stage is the Regionals. This is made up of 12 different locations across the world and will take place from May to June. The top 50 males, females and teams (3-8 people) from the Open will be invited to compete.

The final and most important stage is the CrossFit Games which take place in July. Prior to this event there is Casino Royale, a random draw of names to see who will compete. This takes place in a location near you so that you have the chance to travel and see family and friends.

From there the competition will begin and you will be able to watch the event live on ESPN 3.

CrossFit Competitors can also make money through sponsorships, product promotion and endorsements. Many box owners will sell t-shirts with their name and gym affiliation on it. It is not uncommon for a high profile athlete to get between $1,000 and $5,000 for this kind of promotion.

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Endorsements are common too; one of the most popular being Muscle Milk. Depending on your popularity as an athlete you can get $1,000 to $100,000 for just a few tv commercials and banner ads.

There are some CrossFit competitors who have been very successful at both making money and winning competitions. The most notable CrossFitter is Patrick Vellner who is the face of SHE apparel and supplements. He has been profiled in Men’s Health and even did a photo shoot with Kate Upton.

Another notable CrossFitter is Camille Leblanc-Bazinet who has won the last three games and is the favorite to win this year. Her husband, Ian, has also done very well in the past and the couple have become superstars in a world dominated by men.

You decide to…

Shelby Hale is probably right. You need to broaden your appeal if you want to stand a chance at winning the Games this year. Even if you win the Open, there are still 11 other events and you can’t be overweight or out of shape when it comes to the final stage of the competition.

You’re not that interested in doing shirt ads or commercials, but it never hurts to ask for more money. You have a couple of sponsors and you’re making more money than you would at your old job at the car dealership so you’re not really interested in doing that either.

While you don’t want to cut back on your training too much, you suppose you could go for a higher calorie diet so you try out a few more protein shakes and eat more meat. That gets a bit expensive though so you decide to go with higher calorie prepackaged food. The only problem with this is you end up getting a lot of junk food as well because it’s relatively cheap and it’s all you’re eating so your digestive system ends up paying the price.

You manage to win the South West Qualifier, but fail to make it past the second day at Regionals. Your digestion problems get worse and you end up so constipated you have to go to the emergency room. They end up giving you two enemas, three pills and tell you to start eating more fiber.

You swear to yourself that you’ll never eat another processed carb again and go back to eating “normal food.” It’s not as cheap and doesn’t fill you up quite as well, but your body feels a lot better.

The next year the CrossFit Games are held in California and you manage to win the Open again. This time Planet Fitness has included a little acknowledgment to you on their main screen.

You’re now the number one ranked athlete going into the competition and everyone expects you to take home the crown, but you still fail on the third day of competition. This time you are beaten by three people who all just so happen to work out at the same gym. Seems odd, but you can’t argue with the result.

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The CrossFit community goes into a little bit of an uproar claiming that the Games have been fixed because so many people from one gym have won. The owner, Marc Lobliner, takes it all in stride and doesn’t make any comments one way or another about the controversy.

You for one believe the results were legitimate. There’s no way to prove otherwise and there’s no point in crying over spilled milk. You can only imagine that the three people who won from that gym must be beasts.

You return home a little while later and it’s back to your regular life. You don’t have too many regrets other than perhaps that you didn’t manage to build up the fitness center into a brand name.

You’ll always wonder about the results of the California Qualifier though.

There’s always next year right?

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