BoxLife Fitness Training #302

BoxLife Fitness Training #302

BoxLife Fitness Training 302: Alpha Training Brain

The following is a brief description of the boxing gym in Delmarva. There are many other boxing gyms in Delaware, but this one is considered to be the best because it offers the most training classes per week.

BoxLife Fitness Training 302: Alpha Training Brain

“Alpha” refers to the fact that there are no women at this gym. The owner says that he doesn’t want any, so he only trains men. (He does have a few women working out, but they’re not really trainers.)

There’s nothing wrong with that, except if you do train women, then you might need to change your mind about how you see them when it comes time to make love. And don’t think about doing anything else while you’re making love! You’ve got to focus on punching each other.

In the beginning, I was surprised by this decision. But after a couple of months, I realized that it makes sense. If you train women too much, then they’ll just leave. So I kept my head down and trained hard.” — Owner

BoxLife Fitness Training 302: Alpha Training Brain

“I’m not sure what kind of person you are,” the owner says to me as we walk into his gym. “But maybe you can change. Let’s see what you’re made of. This is going to be a long journey, but I know you’re up for the challenge. I’m not going to let you off easy.

I’m going to push you further than you’ve ever been pushed before.

But before we begin, I need you to sign this liability waver.”

He hands me a few sheets of paper, which I quickly glance through. It says that the gym is in no way responsible for any injury or death that may occur while I’m training here.

“You’re ready to begin training,” he says. “This first video shows you how to wrap your hands. You should always wear a wrap when you work out, unless the workout is going to be over an hour. In that case, your hands could get too swollen to where you wouldn’t be able to hold on to a grip.

These wraps can help protect your hands and give you a bit of extra padding. They come in different thicknesses, so you can choose what’s right for you. I’ve gotten used to the 1.5s, but some of the new guys tend to like the 2.0s because they’re thicker and feel more protective.

All you have to do is follow the directions in the video. If you don’t know how, then I can help you when I see you in here. It’s pretty simple, so don’t worry about that.

BoxLife Fitness Training #302 -

There are a few rules that you should follow while you’re training here.

1. No grumbling.

This isn’t supposed to be fun. This is supposed to push you past your limits.

2. Every decision I make is final.

If I tell you that you have to do more reps, then you better get it done.

3. If you start feeling pain in your knees or shoulders, then tell me immediately.

You need to get an MRI to check for arthritis and a joint replacement if needed. I don’t care how much the surgeries cost; we’re not going to risk further damage to your joints.

4. I don’t care if you’re the best boxer in the world, if your joints are damaged past a certain point, then you’re not fighting anymore.

The pain is not worth it.

5. Now, I’m going to be nice and give you some advice that has helped me get through life.

It’s by James Matthew Bradley, Jr.

“If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck.”

6. We are not in a fair fight.

The forces against us are much greater than we could possibly comprehend. So we’re going to train every day, to the point where our bodies just want to quit. Then, and only then, are we going to push ourselves further.

Are you man enough to handle that kind of pain?

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7. There is to be no complaining in this gym.

If you feel you have received a serious injury, then tell me immediately and I will be able to see if you should stop or if you can continue. But don’t try to be a tough guy.

8. Now I’m going to teach you the best fighting techniques that the US military has to offer.

It’s not going to be easy, so don’t think that just because you’re in good shape that this is going to be a piece of cake.

9. The first thing we’re going to start with is cardio.

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with fighting. Well, everything. Fighting is all about dealing with pain. The better shape you’re in, the longer you’ll be able to fight.

So we’re going to run a few miles and then start some drills.

Now since this is a night class, I’m not going to ask if anyone needs a break. But if you do, just let me know and I’ll allow it. Otherwise, we’re going to keep running.”

Sometime later, after everyone has finished their run, he calls everyone over to one side of the gym.

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“Now everyone’s body is in different conditions, so I’m going to split you up into smaller groups and then you’ll each do some drills with the other members of your group. I’m going to assign someone to lead each group. Now I want you all to do exactly what the leader tells you to do. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, just let the leader know and if they don’t take you seriously, then come get me and I’ll sort it out. But I trust that won’t be necessary.

Now, here are the groups.”

He writes a letter on a white board, then hangs it on one of the walls.

“Group A: Elbows. Travis, Calvin.

Group B: Knees. Lindsay, Grace.

Group C: Toes. Ozzy, Heather.

Group D: Head. Kyle, Susan.”

He looks at everyone to see that they all got their assignments.

“Alright, everyone go with your group leaders and keep up the hard work.”

Everyone starts heading to their groups, when Chris speaks up.

“Oh, and one more thing for everyone.”

He pulls out a bag of golf ball sized glass marbles from his pocket and begins handing them out.

What’s this for?”

someone asks.

“That’s to practice your aim.” he holds one up to display it to everyone else. “Cover your knuckles with your other hand and punch at the person in front of you. Try not to break their nose, but if you do, it won’t be the first time.”

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He begins handing them out until he’s given one to everyone.

“Alright, let’s get going.”

You follow your group leader, Lindsay over to a corner of the gym where some old, ratty mattresses are stacked up.

“Alright, this is our area. We’re going to start off with some stretching.”

Everyone starts doing the stretches while Lindsay goes around to make sure everyone is doing them right. After everyone is finished, she has everyone line up in front of her.

“Since there’s nine of us, we’re going to do this twice.” she says. “I’ll go first and the rest of you copy me.”

She begins going through a series of strange movements. They almost look like something you’d see in a ballet recital. But since everyone seems to be following, you do the same. The only person who doesn’t seem to care about what she’s doing is Travis who is busy trying to look down Lindsay’s shirt throughout the entire thing.

“Alright, now it’s your turn.” she says after she’s finished.

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