BoxLife Fitness Training #309

BoxLife Fitness Training #309

BoxLife Fitness Training #309: CrossFit Level 2 Workout Guide PDF Download

The following are some of the benefits of boxlife fitness training:

1) You will get a workout plan with detailed instructions on how to do each exercise correctly.

You will not have to guess what exercises you need to perform.

 You will learn which exercises work best for your body type and goals.

2) You will get a complete workout routine including nutrition tips and recipes.

You will know exactly how much protein, carbs, fat and other nutrients you need to consume daily to reach your desired results.

3) You will receive a free copy of our book “CrossFit 101” when you sign up for boxlife fitness training #309!

4) You can use the workouts in the book as inspiration for your own workout routines.

5) You will receive a discount code for the book when you sign up for boxlife fitness training #309!

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6) You can share your progress with others through social media.

7) You will be able to track your progress online.

8) You will have access to our online support system.

9) You will have access to our online fitness community.

10) You will get a free discount for an online personal nutrition coach (worth $200).

11) You will get a free discount for our online powerlifting program (worth $99).

Crossfit Level 2 Training Program:

This is an 8-week program that will help you improve your overall strength and conditioning. Each training day focuses on a different area of the body and includes dynamic warm-up, mobility drills, strength exercises, main skill work, core exercises and pre-hab / rehab exercises. All of these will be explained in detail in the book.

This training program can help you improve your current fitness level no matter what age or experience you are. This is a great program to prepare for the crossfit prep test.

Alwyn’s Principles:

1) You will have a day off after a day of training.

2) Recovery is just as important as the exercise itself!

3) Make sure to record your exercises and weights so that you can monitor your progress.

4) Adjust your diet according to your goals.

BoxLife Fitness Training #309 from our website

5) Nutrition is just as important as training!

6) Slow and steady wins the race!

7) Variety is the spice of life!

8) You don’t get stronger or build muscle and endurance by doing the same thing all the time.

Keep your body guessing by mixing up your workouts.

9) If you feel pain, you should reduce the weight or stop the set.

If the pain continues the next day, see a doctor.

10) You should be able to perform each exercise through its full range of motion smoothly. Never sacrifice form for more weight.

11) Rest and recovery is just as important as training!

12) Listen to your body because it knows best. If you feel like crap, take a rest day.

13) You don’t need to train through the pain. You can always resume training when you feel better.

14) There is no such thing as over-training in theory, but in practice it exists. Training once or twice every 24 hours is excessive. More than 4 times is over-doing it.

Listen to your body and take a day off.

15) Failing to plan is planning to fail. You should have a schedule and a plan what you are going to do in the next few days or weeks. This will prevent you from over-training.

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16) There is no shame in failing, but there is shame in not trying because you fear failure. Don’t quit after 2 weeks because it’s too hard. Persevere and you’ll overcome all obstacles.

17) You can’t succeed by yourself. Surround yourself with people who support and encourage you rather than drag you down.

Negative people don’t necessarily want the best for you, so why bother?

18) You will fail more times than you succeed, but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying. In fact, the people who succeed are the ones who try the most. Giving up means failure.

19) Be patient! Rome wasn’t built in a day. Success takes time so stick with it and you’ll get there eventually.

20) Be proud of your achievements, but never stop trying to achieve more.

21) Always keep these Alwyn’s Principles in mind whenever you train!

This program is split into 5 parts:

1) Dynamic Warm-up

2) Strength Training

3) Skill Training

4) Cardio Training

BoxLife Fitness Training #309 from our website

5) Stretching and Mobility

You will do this routine twice a week with at least a day of rest in between. I’ve designed it for people who train 6 days per week, but if you only have access to gym equipment or time 3-4 times per week, feel free to do so.

You will do the exercises in the following order:

1. Warm Up Jog

2. Arm Swinging Drill

3. Leg Swinging Drill

4. Push-ups to Initial Pull-up Bar

5. Jumping Jacks

6. Step Ups

7. Inchworms

8. Body Weight Squats

9. 1st Pull-up Bar

10. Walking Lunges to 2nd Pull-up Bar

11. 2nd Pull-up Bar to 3rd Pull-Up Bar

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12. 4th Pull-up Bar

13. Step Ups

14. Body Weight Squats

15. Walking Lunges to 1st Pull-Up Bar

16. 1st Pull-Up Bar to Floor (descend slowly)

17. 2nd Pull-Up Bar to Floor (descend slowly)

18. 3rd Pull-Up Bar to Floor (descend slowly)

19. 4th Pull-Up Bar to Floor (descend slowly)

20. Arm Swinging Drill

21. Leg Swinging Drill

22. Push-Ups (any variation)

23. Body Weight Squats

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24. Cool Down Jog

Beginners will obviously start with wall-assisted pull-ups and regular push-ups, as well as bodyweight squats.

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