CrossFit Group Barred Entry to Local Bar, Plan Legal Action

CrossFit Group Barred Entry to Local Bar, Plan Legal Action

The CrossFit Group Barred Entry to Local Bar, Plan Legal Action is a legal action against CrossFit Group LLC (CGF) for its failure to comply with the law. The lawsuit was filed by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR). According to DNR’s website, “The purpose of this suit is to protect public health and safety.” The lawsuit alleges that CGF failed to obtain required permits from the state of Missouri when it opened a gym in Columbia, MO.

In August 2012, the DNR issued a cease and desist order to CGF stating that it had not obtained all necessary permits or licenses needed to operate within Missouri. In September 2012, the DNR filed suit against CGF at the St Louis County Courthouse. On January 31st 2013, Judge John F. McCann ruled in favor of the DNR and ordered CGF to close down its gym within 30 days or face fines up to $10,000 per day until they closed their doors permanently.

On February 6th 2013, the Missouri Supreme Court granted a stay of execution on the injunction against CrossFit Group LLC pending appeal. CGF’s owner, Russell Berger, stated that “One disturbing aspect of this whole matter is that there is no legitimate reason for the state of Missouri to have pursued this as it did. The DNR admitted at the hearing in front of Judge John F. McCann that it did not know CrossFit Group was a large entity with multiple locations when it pursued this action against us.

It pursued this action against us in the first place simply because we were operating inside a building owned by one of our members. This was after we made every effort to comply with its requirements when it first notified us that a license was needed in May of 2012, and then subsequently gave contradictory and confusing information about what was needed. As far as I know, there are no other businesses in Missouri that are being singled out in this way by the DNR. This is nothing more than selective over-enforcement against CrossFit that has absolutely no basis in logic. After spending tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees and almost going out of business over this matter, we’re obviously very happy that the justices decided to hear our appeal on the merits of this case. Hopefully the outcome will vindicate CrossFit and prevent rogue government agencies from abusing the system like the DNR has. In the meantime, we are forced to pay these exorbitant legal costs because of this meritless action. We continue to feel very sorry for the families of victims of violent crime, but our conviction by the Missouri Supreme Court will bring this matter to a final resolution. We continue to hope that justice will ultimately be served in their cases. The CrossFit legal team plans to file a motion with the Missouri Court of Appeals Western District to dismiss this case for good and bring an end to this situation, and we are very optimistic that it will be granted. We also hope that this will bring some peace to the families of the victims and our community as a whole. We look forward to seeing all of you in the gym very soon.

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