CrossFit Open 14.5—Champions Reunite

CrossFit Open 14.5—Champions Reunite

CrossFit Open 14.5—Champions Reunite

The CrossFit Games are coming up soon! There will be over 200 athletes competing in 8 different events, including the men’s and women’s elite divisions.

While some of these athletes have been training for years, others just started last year, so they’re still learning how to train properly and what it takes to compete at their best. For example, some of them may not have had any experience with doing a high volume of sets or reps, which means they’ll need to get used to that skill before they can really excel in the event. Some might even be new to the sport itself, since it’s only been around for less than two years now.

But don’t worry: there are plenty of experienced coaches and trainers who’ve been coaching and training athletes for years to guide them through all this. They’ll do everything they can to make sure your athlete gets the most out of their time in the gym, but ultimately it’s up to you to ensure that your athlete reaches their full potential.

If you want to see your athlete win, then you need to put in the work yourself too! Give it your all so you can help them give it their all.

So who are these people?

Let’s take a look at the 14.5 schedule first and then I’ll introduce you to the coaches:

Warm-up: Mobility WOD, 15 minutes

Mobility WOD, 15 minutes 14.5 WOD: As many reps as possible in 7 minutes of:

As many reps as possible in 7 minutes of: Squats




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This is the first Open workout that involves pull-ups, and the last one to have sit-ups.

How will your athletes approach this one?

Mobility WOD, 15 minutes

REST, 60 minutes

The athletes will take a long break after the first workout so they can focus all their attention on the second one. This break will be used to not only give them time to rest and stretch out, but also to come up with a strategy for the final workout.

What will they do during the break?

Maybe they’ll set aside some time for prayer or meditation. Maybe they’ll go over past Open workouts and try to figure out how to improve on their past performance. Maybe they’ll just try to relax so they’re not stressing out too much during the second workout. Whatever they do, make sure they’re in the right mindset before the second workout begins.

14.5 Workout

If you haven’t seen this workout yet, be careful because it’s a tough one!

As many reps as possible in 7 minutes of:

3 Handstand Push-ups

3 Cleans

6 Handstand Push-ups

3 Cleans

CrossFit Open 14.5—Champions Reunite on

9 Handstand Push-ups

3 Cleans

12 Handstand Push-ups

6 Cleans

Handstand push-ups are when you begin in a handstand position against a wall and lower your head to touch the wall, and then push back up. Cleans are a weightlifting movement that begin with the bar on the ground and lift it from the ground to overhead in one motion.

If you need a little extra time to learn proper handstand push-ups or clean, that’s fine. Be sure to keep track of how many handstand push-ups and cleans you do for scoring purposes.

This is the last workout before the third and final open workout, and it’s sure to separate the athletes. At least, that’s what Coach Ian tells you.

He says it will be the toughest one yet, but he believes in every single one of you and knows you’re more than capable of finishing in the top five in your region. The top five finish gets you a trip to the National Qualifiers, and then it’s four more finishes in the top twenty-five to make it to the Games. He says not to worry about that, though. The only workout you need to focus on is this one.

Good luck, and remember: when times are tough, look to your fellow CrossFiters for support. You’re all in this together.

14.6 Workout

You did it! The Open is over, and you finished in the money!

Now all that’s left to do is head down to the regional qualifier and put up a good showing there. After weighing your options, you decide to go with the least competitive division possible, the Individual Men’s 75-80 Division. This means you’ll be going up against people your own age, but at this point you’re just happy that you made it this far. You take the weekend off to rest, and when Monday rolls around you make your way down to the qualifier.

Your first workout is a simple one, a 400m run. You’ve been keeping up on your running so this one comes naturally.

CrossFit Open 14.5—Champions Reunite |

Your second workout is a combination of a 275lb. deadlift and a handstand walk, which means you have to walk across the floor on your hands without letting your feet touch the ground. Third is a set of pull-ups, chest-to-bar pull-ups, and hanging leg raises. Finally, there’s a game of tag. You’re split into two teams and given two minutes to hide and one minute to find your opponents. The first team to touch everyone on the opposing team is the winner.

You manage to finish in the top five in all five events, securing your trip to the championships. You feel great, better than you have in years, and go to bed with your head buzzing with excitement about what you’ll face tomorrow.

The next day starts off with a 500m row, and while you manage to keep up decently well, you find that your back is beginning to spasm up and give you trouble. “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming,” you think to yourself as you concentrate on finishing the row.

Next up is a combined snatch and overhead lift. You’re able to shoulder the weight just fine, but when it comes time to snatch it from the floor your back seizes up and you’re unable to budge. Thankfully, squatting is next, so you’re able to drop the weight and still finish that event. Hanging leg raises come next, followed by the obstacle course. You come in third in theOC. Finally, you’re finished with the day’s events and able to collapse into bed.

The third day of events starts off with another run which, thanks to your back spasms yesterday, turns into more of a slow jog. Still, you finish it and feel pretty good about how you did.

After that there’s a bunch of weights to lift, and while you’re able to shoulder them all with no problem, clean and jerking them proves to be another story. You’re only able to get about half of them off the ground before disaster strikes. Your back goes into spasm again and you’re not able to complete your lift. Knowing that you can’t afford to miss any more lifts, you quietly sit out the remaining ones hoping your spasms will calm down. Next up is the Atlas stones, where you manage to move the smallest one, but unable to budge the second smallest. Last is the medley, which you finish in a three way tie for third.

The fourth and final day of the championships – and your last day of high school – begins with a 1,500m row. The sheer absurdity of a rowing championship is lost on you at this point.

All you know is that you’re going to finish this thing. You end up finishing second, ensuring your trip to Washington.

At long last, the awards ceremony arrives and you walk up on stage to get your medal. The announcer calls your name and you’re handed a certificate with a Participation ribbon.

You walk back to your seat, ending your high school Cross-Country career with a Participation medal. Your mother takes one look at it and says “Well at least you finished.”

CrossFit Open 14.5—Champions Reunite from our website

You think to yourself that it could have been worse. You could have just pulled a Jordan.

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