CrossFit Open 16.4 Recap + Tips

CrossFit Open 16.4 Recap + Tips

CrossFit Open 16.4 Recap + Tips: What You Need To Know About This Week’s Workout!

The CrossFit Games are coming up soon and it will be time for the athletes to show their skills in front of thousands of fans. The competitors have been preparing hard for this event since they started competing at the age of 13 years old. They train every day, week after week, month after month, year after year…and then some more.

It takes a special kind of person to compete in the CrossFit Games. There are no shortcuts here; there is no “getting better” or “trying harder”. Competitors must dedicate themselves 100% to their training and performance.

They don’t just go out there and do what they think they would like to do, but rather they strive towards a goal that may seem impossible at first, but eventually becomes possible when all your hard work pays off.

For those of us watching from home, we want to see these athletes perform at their best because it makes our own lives easier. When we watch them compete, we get to see how much dedication goes into their performances. We get to see how they train and what they eat.

And most importantly, we get to see them succeed in front of millions of people! That’s why I’m writing this post today!

CrossFit Open 16.4 Recap

This year’s games are well underway. The athletes have been broken into teams of three, and they are competing against each other every week for the past three weeks. They started out with a sprint triathlon (1/4 mile swimming, 5K running, 20K biking).

Then they ripped sheets of paper in half. Then they did some classic CrossFit movements (burpees, push-press, deadlifts). Finally, they ran another triathlon.

How do you think they’re doing so far?

For the final event, athletes had to complete as many rounds of an 800 meter run and then a 24 inch rope climb as possible in 6 minutes. This final event was a test of endurance and pure grit. If you’ve never tried to climb a rope, just give it a go for a minute or so and you’ll see that it is very hard to do!

This week’s CrossFit Open workout was announced as 16.4. It is a chipper, meaning that it is designed to be done from beginning to end without any breaks.

Last year’s chipper had athletes run 2 miles and then do 100 wall-ball shots. We will see how this one plays out.

CrossFit Open 16.4 Recap + Tips from our website

Strategy for 16.4

This workout isn’t going to be easy. In fact, it is probably going to be one of the hardest workouts we have seen in years. There are several strategies that you should consider when doing this workout:

Rest and Pace : The running in this workout won’t take too much out of you, assuming you are in decent shape. The wall-ball shots are what will destroy your lungs and arms. Take your time with these.

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