CrossFit Regionals 2015: Day 2 Individual Events Announced

CrossFit Regionals 2015: Day 2 Individual Events Announced

Day 2 Individual Events Announced

The first day of the 2016 CrossFit Games Regional Championships was full of upsets, surprises, and drama. A few things were predictable, but most things came out of left field. There are some big names that have been eliminated from contention for the championship title; however there are still plenty of other athletes that could win it all!

Let’s take a look at what happened during Day 2.

1) The Men’s Physique Division Brings Down the House!

It seems like every time the men’s physique division shows up, they bring down the house. They put on a show that rivals any women’s division. Their competitors are so good that even their own coaches don’t want them to compete with each other anymore because it just doesn’t make sense anymore.

It is amazing how much power these guys have when they get together.

On Day 1, the only thing that seemed to separate the men’s and women’s divisions was their physiques. On Day 2, the difference between them became almost nonexistent. The men had no problem competing against each other while the women struggled to keep up with their male counterparts.

After the events were over, it was announced that there would be no more physique division and everyone would compete together for this year’s CrossFit Games.

2) Last Year’s Men’s Champion Takes Second Place

Last year’s winner Mathew Fraser had a very impressive showing on Day 1 of the 2016 CrossFit Games, but he seemed to struggle a little and mess up on some of his movements during the second day of competition. He finished in second place, beating out the third place winner by just two points. He ended up getting twenty-six points for the weekend compared to last year’s champion Graham Holmberg who had twenty-eight points.

3) The Men’s Division After Day 2

After all of the events were over, a few of the athletes ended up in the same score range. Mathew and Graham were separated by just two points. St.

Pierre and Holmberg were three points behind them, and Josh Bridges and Ben Smith ended up in fifth and sixth place with forty-eight points.

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After the dust settled from all of the events, four men ended up getting into the top twenty. Ben Smith surprised everyone by getting into fifth place. Wroblewski also beat most people’s predictions by getting in sixth place, and Josh Bridges managed to get in seventh place.

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