CrossFit Trainer Fined For Talking About Nutrition

CrossFit Trainer Fined For Talking About Nutrition

CrossFit Trainer Fined For Talking About Nutrition

The CrossFit Trainer was fined $1,000 dollars by the city of New York City after he spoke out against the nutritional advice given in the new issue of BoxLife Magazine.

In a letter sent to him, the Department of Consumer Affairs stated: “We have determined that your advertisement constitutes false advertising because it falsely claims that CrossFit® will improve your health. Specifically, your advertisement states ‘You’ll get fit faster with CrossFit.’ While we understand that CrossFit® may have been developed to provide individuals with a variety of fitness benefits, such as weight loss or increased flexibility, we are concerned that your advertisement implies that these benefits will result from following the program.”

“Your advertisement also contains other statements which we believe are misleading,” the letter continued. “For example, you state that ‘your body burns calories when you’re working out’ and that ‘you burn up to 50% more calories than if you were sitting around doing nothing.'”

According to the letter, the Advertising Standards Bureau of the New York State Attorney General’s Office reviewed your advertisement and found that it violated Section 5(a) of the Federal Trade Commission Act (FTCA). The letter goes on to say that “federal law prohibits ‘truthful advertising even if some consumers are likely to be misled.'”

“Since your advertisement fails to communicate all material facts, it is therefore misleading under Section 5(a) of the FTCA,” the letter to the CrossFit trainer states. “The claims that your advertisement makes about CrossFit®, such as “You’ll get fit faster with CrossFit,”

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