Crushing Your First Team Competition

Crushing Your First Team Competition

Crush Meaning: Romantic

The word crush means to feel an intense emotional attachment or affection towards another person. Crush can refer to feelings of love, admiration, respect, fear, jealousy or any other strong emotion one feels for another.

There are many reasons why someone might have a crush on you. Some people have crushes because they like your personality. Others may have crushes because they think you’re pretty. Still others might have crushes simply out of curiosity. Whatever the reason, it’s all good! You don’t need to reciprocate their feelings; in fact, if you do, then you’re doing something wrong. If you want to get rid of their crush on you completely, then just ignore them and move on with your life.

Crush is not necessarily bad. A crush does not mean that you must end up sleeping with them.

It doesn’t even mean that you will become romantically involved with them. However, if you ever start dating someone else, then it could cause problems later down the road when they decide to leave you behind. So keep your cool and don’t let anyone’s crush ruin your fun time together!

Crush is also not always negative either. Sometimes people may have a crush on you simply because you are a good person.

They may not want to date you, but they still want to be your friend. This is especially common among people who are shy or introverted. In most cases these people will never come out and tell you that they have a crush on you, so you’ll have to pay attention to other clues to see if this is the case.

Crush Meaning: Thinking About Having a Crush on Someone

Thinking about having a crush on someone is another way to use the word. For most people, this happens when you are in grade school or middle school.

When you first enter puberty, it is common to start having these feelings towards others. They may be targeted towards someone of the opposite gender or even the same gender. Whatever the case, this phase will eventually pass as long as you don’t act on them or share them with the person you are interested in.

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During this phase, it is common to feel shy or nervous around the person you have a crush on. Your heart may begin to race and you may even start sweating.

You might even say something stupid every now and then because you’re so nervous. As a result, it is common for people to mistake having a crush on someone as being ‘in love’ with that person. However, this feeling is nowhere near as strong as real love. The important thing to remember is that these feelings will eventually go away if you do not act upon them. So just wait it out and eventually you will feel normal again.

Others will have a hard time differentiating between real love and a crush. That is why it is important to learn the difference between the two and when to act on them.

If you do act on them, then you could ruin your friendship or other close relationship that you have with this person. For example, a close girlfriend of mine had a crush on one of her good friends in high school. She did not act on these feelings thankfully. But nevertheless, she still had them no matter how strong her feelings were. There is a possibility that her friend may not have returned these feelings if she did share them. This would definitely cause drama within their friendship and may even ruin it completely.

Crush Meaning: Simple or Infatuation?

There is also a fine line between having a crush on someone and actually being in love with that person.

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