First 2020 CrossFit Games Changes Announced

First 2020 CrossFit Games Changes Announced

The First 2020 CrossFit Games will take place from May 5th – 7th at the StubHub Center in Carson, California. The event was announced today by Greg Glassman, founder of CrossFit and owner of the San Francisco based gym chain, IronMind.

“I’m excited to announce our first ever Open,” said Glassman during a press conference held at the company’s headquarters yesterday afternoon. “We’re going to have over $1 million dollars up for grabs.”

Glassman went on to explain that the event would feature some of the best athletes in the world competing under one roof. Competitors will compete for cash prizes, titles, and even fame. The competition will be fierce with only 16 spots available and competitors must meet all qualifications including being 18 years or older, having a valid driver’s license, and a current gym membership.

“Our goal is to make it as accessible as possible,” said Glassman. “So if you don’t live near a gym, we want to get you into the game. If you’ve never been to a CrossFit box before, we want to get you in the game.”

There are no age restrictions for those who wish to enter the competition. All participants must be able to commit themselves fully for two full days of training. Participants will receive their own personal coach and nutritionist who will work closely with them throughout the week leading up to the event.

Qualifying for the CrossFit Games will take place at CrossFit boxes around the world. Box owners are encouraged to hold special competitions in which the winner will earn a spot at the games. The event will also be streamed online. “We want to give everyone access to the games from home,” said Glassman.

As CrossFit continues to grow in popularity, Glassman says this is just the beginning of a long and prosperous future.

“This is going to be fun. This is going to be big,” he said. “We’ve got forty thousand CrossFit boxes worldwide and I want every single one of them involved.”

First 2020 CrossFit Games Changes Announced

The First 2020 Crossfit games will take place at the Stubhub center in the Los Angeles area. The First Crossfit games have been officially announced and promises to be the biggest one yet!

The New Crossfit Games

First 2020 CrossFit Games Changes Announced |

The announcement for the new Crossfit games was released on Thursday. The changes come with a few rule changes to the classic games. Most noticeably is the addition of new workouts on the first day. These include new variants of classic Crossfit movements such as handstand walks, heavy dumbbell snatches, and even a medley of gymnastics events.

The first day will consist of five rounds of three-minute events. This is a change from the classic five rounds of two-minute events. There will also be more individual events on the first day. This will cut down on event numbers for the second day but will increase the intensity to get through to the final rounds on day three.

The New 2020 Crossfit Regionals

Regionals are being completely redone this year. Gone is the team aspect and in its place is something similar to high school or college playoffs.

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