Free Preview: Inside the Katrin Davidsdottir Issue

Free Preview: Inside the Katrin Davidsdottir Issue

Katrina Davidsdottir was born in Iceland, but she moved to Denmark when she was young. She lived there until her family’s business failed and they had to move back home. Her father died soon after that, leaving Katrina with nothing except the clothes on her back and a small amount of money. She spent most of it on alcohol and drugs. One day while she was at a party, a man approached her and offered to buy her some drugs. When Katrina refused him, he punched her in the face. She fell down and broke several bones in her face.

She didn’t stop there though; she went on to rob another person before being caught by police officers who were called to the scene. After serving time, Katrina was released from prison and returned to her hometown where she got a job working at a local diner.

There she met a guy named Jonas Sørensen who would become her boyfriend for life. During one of their dates, Katrina was robbed by two men who took all of her belongings including the money in her wallet.

Katrina then decided to get revenge on those responsible by robbing them again. She managed to steal their belongings but was eventually caught.

She went on the run but was eventually captured by police officers. She was sentenced to prison for three years, of which she served two. While in prison she worked out a lot and began training in mixed martial arts when she got out. She then moved to London where she met a guy named Luis Angel who offered to train her in boxing. He said he had connections to get her into matches.

Now, at the age of 28, she lives in London where she continues to train and work as a waitress at an Irish pub.

“Now that was a really fun post to write! I love reading about myself,” she says.

That wasn’t the first time she’s blogged about herself, and it certainly won’t be the last. But there are other, more important things on her mind.

“I think I’m going to go out for a run,” she says while stretching.

Her boyfriend, Jonas Sørensen, lies on the couch playing a video game.

Do you want to come?”

she asks.

He shakes his head.

Free Preview: Inside the Katrin Davidsdottir Issue at

“I don’t think I will. I might go out later though, so I’ll see you later.”

She nods her head and heads to the door. Before she leaves, she turns the lights off and locks the door behind her.

As she runs through the streets of London, she reminisces about the days in her childhood when she played in these very streets. Back then, she never could’ve imagined that she’d one day become an internationally known fighter. She certainly wouldn’t have believed that one day she’d be dating the guy who gave her her first kiss.

As she runs through the streets, she sees something out of the corner of her eye. It looks like a drug deal.

Possibly even a gun deal. She knows she should just keep on going and mind her own business, but her Fighter’s instinct kicks in. This is danger and she’s ready to explode.

She approaches the two men dealing on the street. They appear to be Hispanic and they aren’t exactly welcoming of her presence.

“Hey guys…

what’s going on…?”

The two men turn their heads and glare at her. Their eyes show malice and intent to do harm.

Who the hell are you?”

one of them asks.


I live around here,” she says.

Around where?”

“Around here!”

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The men don’t seem to be in the mood to play games and they continue to glare at her. She knows she should just turn and leave, but she’s strangely drawn to them and can’t help but be intrigued by them.

Almost on instinct, she takes a fighting stance.

“Whoa! Easy there!” one of them says, putting his hands up.

The other one keeps looking at her and doesn’t put his hands up. He slowly approaches her.

It looks like he’s going to make a move…

To be continued…

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Free Preview: Inside the Katrin Davidsdottir Issue on

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The story was originally titled “Rena’s Story: The Early Years” before being changed to “Rena’s Story: Bloodak Battle Story”.

At the start of chapter three, it is revealed that the story takes place in London, England.

The story was written when the writer was twelve years old.

During her run-in with the two men, it is revealed that she lives in the area around London Bridge.

Even though she tries to make it sound cool and not like a big deal, it is heavily implied that she only wants to be with Jonas because he’s good looking and popular at school.

It is implied that she smokes cigarettes.

Her favorite movie is “The Nightmare Before Christmas”.

It is unknown why she has a crush on the coach considering he’s an adult and they don’t seem to have much in common.

It is unknown why she decided to trace her life story in the first place.

She seems to have an interest in karate, because of her coach’s involvement in it.

She is the only child so far that has not inherited their parent’s schizophrenia or other mental illnesses, although her mother was slightlycrazy for a while after her father died.

It is unknown why she doesn’t have any friends considering she is quite friendly and outgoing.

Free Preview: Inside the Katrin Davidsdottir Issue at

It is implied that she has low self-esteem.

It is revealed that her father died before the start of the story.

The story ends in a similar way as it does in “Rena’s Story: Lost Chapter”, with her fighting two mean people on London Bridge. Except this time they don’t try to kill her, but try to rob her instead.

It is unknown how the battle ends or if it even did.

It is unknown why she takes up karate considering her mother doesn’t seem to approve of it. It is also unknown why she continues doing it after her mother gives the warning, though it can be implied that she does it more secretly.

It is revealed that one of the thieves is a woman in chapter five.

She seems to have a crush on her coach unlike in the original story where she had a crush on her friend, Matt.

It is revealed in chapter five that her name is pronounced “Ruh-nuh” and not “Ree-nuh”.

In the last chapter, it is revealed that she lives on Park Road.

She was fourteen years old at the time of posting.

She posted the story on Wattpad.

Her Wattpad username is “renas_fight”.

The cover image was made by the writer using

Free Preview: Inside the Katrin Davidsdottir Issue -

The writer posted an outtake on their profile describing what happened to the characters after the fight.

Rena was originally going to have a friend with her at the bridge, but the writer decided against it since she felt the story was long enough as it is.

Rena’s story shares a few similarities with “Rena’s Story: Lost Chapter”, such as both stories taking place in England, both having a fight at a bridge and both having the main character be betrayed by someone close to them.

Rena has the most writings out of all of the characters on this wiki.


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