Free Preview: Inside the Sam Dancer Issue

Free Preview: Inside the Sam Dancer Issue

Sam Dancer: A New Trend?

The name “sam dancer” may sound like something out of a movie or TV show, but it’s actually a real thing. It refers to someone who lives with their partner for life (or at least until death do them part). For some reason, they are often referred to as “dancers.” They’re not just single people either; many couples choose to live together before getting married.

Why would anyone want to live together?

Some reasons include financial security, companionship, and even the desire to raise children. Many people have lived together for years without ever marrying each other—until now!

In fact, there are so many singles living together in Dubai that it’s becoming a trend. According to a recent survey conducted by the Dubai Media Office, there were 1,811 single people living together in Dubai as of 2012. That number increased to 2,974 by 2014. And that doesn’t count those who are married but don’t live together.

So why all the interest in these individuals?

Well, they say love conquers all…and it seems that love is winning over everyone else too!

You May Meet Your Match

Although many people living together are doing so out of convenience rather than love, there are some who believe that it’s the best way to find a significant other.

Why not live together to see if you get along first?

It’s certainly cheaper than an engagement and easier than a divorce. That’s why some businesses in Dubai have seen an increase in couples looking for a place to live.

In fact, two new apartment buildings in Dubai are specifically designed for young professionals and already have hundreds of people on the waiting list. Some businesses say that they actually have a hard time finding an apartment for couples to view as so many people want to move in at the same time.

This has led to many beliefs that this type of living is making a comeback. Whether it’s because of financial reasons or just because it’s trendy, more and more people are moving in together. As more people begin to do so, businesses in the area are able to expand and create more places for singles to meet.

Who knows?

Maybe a new dating trend will come out of this one day!

Well, what’s the verdict on whether or not you should live with your significant other before getting married?

It’s really up to you and what you think works best for you and your partner. There are many pros and cons to both sides of the argument but, like most things in life, what’s right for one person might not be right for another. You have to think about all of the possible repercussions that might result from either choice.

What’s your take on living with someone before you get married?

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