Froning, Webb Lead CrossFit Games Individual Competition After Day 1

Froning, Webb Lead CrossFit Games Individual Competition After Day 1


CrossFit Games Results: What Did You Think?

In the past few years there have been many articles written about the 2013 crossfit games results. Some of them are very interesting while some of them are not so much.

I think it’s time to share my opinion on what did you think about the 2013 crossfit games results?

Let me know your thoughts in comments section below!

I was really surprised when I saw that Webb won the overall competition. I thought he would have lost at least one or two times during the week. That’s why I’m glad that he managed to win all three events. I think he had a good preparation for these competitions since he trained hard before they started and then again after they ended. He didn’t lose any weight during those training sessions either (he even gained some).

He also used the same routines that he used in the last two competitions. So I guess he wasn’t just lucky with his diet and workout routine.

The first thing that caught my attention was how fast he ran during the competition. I’ve never seen someone run like him in a competition before. It looked like he could go faster than me too! When I saw him running around, I couldn’t believe my eyes! I also didn’t expect to see him win the first competition either.

That’s why I started cheering and clapping for him!

I saw a lot of the other competitors trip over during the running session. One guy actually fell off the rope, and two other guys were very close to doing the same thing! I was glad that Webb didn’t do that since that would have been embarrassing! Most importantly, it could have ended his chance of winning the competition. In addition to that, he would have been hurt too!

Anyways, most of the competitors did well during the first event. The second event was a little more interesting and challenging. I saw one of the females lose her balance while doing pull-ups. It was pretty sad to see her fall off like that. She didn’t even complete 10 reps.

Some other guys fell off during the thrusters as well. It was nice to see Webb win this event again though. At this point, I was starting to think he had a chance of winning the overall competition!

The final event, the obstacle course, looked really fun and challenging to me! I’ve always wanted to do one since I heard about them from my friends. It looked really exciting and I wanted to try it out for myself! Unfortunately, I can’t do that since I’m disabled. Most of the other guys finished the event pretty quickly.

Webb, however, took his time with the rope climb and carrying the log. It was like he didn’t want to finish at all! I think he was just having so much fun going through the course.

Anyways, two of the competitors were lagging behind and one of them was in the lead by a few seconds. Everyone was waiting for these three to come out but nobody showed up. The referees went into the course to see what was going on and it turned out that the third place competitor was stuck at the very beginning of the course. He didn’t even make it past the first 10-foot rope climb! It was really funny to watch him try and get over that thing.

The two remaining competitors came out about a minute after and it was between Ashley or Webb for first and second place! It was down to the final event! I must say, I was a bit surprised to see Ashley in second place. He didn’t seem like the type of guy that would do this sort of thing but I guess you never know until you try! In any case, it was all down to him and Webb now.

After a few minutes, the two competitors came out! Ashley finished first and he had managed to beat Webb by a few seconds. The prize was awarded to him and he looked very happy at this moment. The crowd applauded and congratulated him on his hard work and effort. I think you really need that in these games.

Froning, Webb Lead CrossFit Games Individual Competition After Day 1 -

If you don’t try your best, you might as well not show up at all.

Webb looked a little sad but he still managed to smile when Ashley came up to him and shook his hand.

“Hey man, good try. You’re very strong.” Said Ashley.

“Thanks man. You were fast too.” Webb replied.

The two shook hands and parted ways. Now that the competition was over, it was finally time to select two people for the hunger games. Since there were 5 males and 6 females, one of each had to be selected from our district. The other 24 spots were to be selected from the other 11 districts. As you might have guessed, a lot of people did not want to get picked last.

Therefore, it was common to see people trying to act as tough as they could.

They would usually make a lot of noise or threaten those that were smaller in size. Of course this was all just an act of desperation since the reaping was mostly planned out by the escort and the mayors of each district. It was easy for them to have made the selections prior to arriving at the hunger games. There was nothing you could do about it.

The escort for the 55th annual hunger games was a tall woman with light brown hair and a tall stature. She also dressed in a fancy robe. I heard she came from the capitol. The mayor of district 12, Mayor Courtney, was there as well. He was noticeably nervous and kept looking at the Captial Escort.

“Let’s get this over with.” The escort says in an annoyed tone.

The mayor begins to open up the bowl with the boys name in it. I couldn’t help but notice Ashley’s mother looking over at him with hopeful eyes. Poor guy is probably scared to death.

The escort gently taps the mayor on the shoulder and they begin to speak in hushed tones. The mayor glances over at Ashley’s mother and then turns his attention back to the escort. He nods and sighs and turns his attention to the audience.

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“Ladies first…”

He inserts his hand into the bowl and pulls out a name. I lean in a bit to see who it is…

Celeste Reynolds. Celeste is a fairly good student but I’ve never seen her talk too much. She’s also one of the few people who never really hang out with any of the cliques. She just does her work quietly and tries to stay under everyone’s radar.

The escort takes the slip of paper from the mayor and reads it.

“Celeste Reynolds.”

Celeste gets up slowly and makes her way up to the stage. She takes her bracelet off and holds it tightly as she gives her brother and mother hugs goodbye. The mayor and escort help her into the cart and drive her away. I feel kind of sorry for Celeste. She seems nice enough.

The mayor and escort leave while we’re still doing the reaping. I feel a little strange having the boys reaping finish before the girls but what do I know, this is how they’ve been doing it for 55 years.

Webb is the first person called this time. He gets up and walks to the stage, he gets a hug from his mom and then takes his spot. I think a lot of people were surprised to see him get called since he’s one of the stronger people in our grade, but years of hard labor have probably taken their toll on him.

The mayor looks into the bowl and reads the name.

“Webb Karambay.”

Webb nods and gets into the cart. The escort takes him away.

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The next person called is…

“Ashley Enst.”

Ashley’s mother lets out a sigh of relief but Ashley doesn’t seem to happy about it. She gets up and gets into the cart as if she was being sent off to the electric chair. Her sister gives her a long hug and kiss goodbye.

Now there’s only three people left, it’s down to Tanya, a quiet but pretty girl of Asian descent who mainly keeps to herself, Patrick an obese boy who is generally well liked and Carter a strange kid no one really knows much about. There’s also you, the main protagonist of this story.

The mayor looks into the bowl once more.

“Tanya Miller.”

Tanya gets up and walks towards the stage. Her face betrays nothing but I know she must be scared. She gets into the cart and is driven away.

There are now only two remaining, Patrick and Carter. The entire audience is leaning forward in their seats to see who will be picked. The mayor barely gives the bowl a glance before pulling out the name.

“Patrick Murphy.”

There is an uproar in the crowd. Several women seem to think this is very unfair and start yelling out things like “it should have been you!” at Carter. He seems indifferent to the whole affair and stares emotionlessly at Patrick as he is driven away.

The escort walks over to Carter and explains that he gets to come with them but does not get a free pass into the final round. Even though he was not picked he still gets to live. The escort takes Carter back inside after he thanks everyone for their support.

We all go back to our homes and wonder who will be voted into the final round.

The next day everyone is down at the town hall for the final selection. There are seven empty seats in front of the podium, one for each of the remaining people. The eight of you that had to leave last night each get a small ballot. You go up and get one and are told to vote for just one person. You deliberate for a while before casting your vote and returning it to the bowl.

The seven people are seated and the mayor begins to address them, but is interupted by an older man coming through the front door. He is shoved to the side by one of the guards but jumps up onto the stage before anyone can stop him. He pulls out a knife and in general makes a scene.

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“I’m not going to let you do this! You have to kill me first!” he screams before rushing towards the mayor.

Several of the guards open fire but he either avoids the shots or is just unlucky and takes a bullet. He reaches the podium and plunges the knife into the mayors neck, killing him instantly.

The man staggers around for a moment with the knife still embedded in his chest before falling to floor. By now everyone is up and several more guards start shooting. Not at the man on the floor but at all of you. Somehow in the scuffle you are mistaken for an attacker and take three bullets to the chest. You fall backwards hitting your head on a chair on your way down.

You lay there bleeding and quickly lose consciousness.

You never wake up.

You die as the town hall erupts into gunfire.

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