Giveaway! Enter to Win 1 of 4 Gatorz Sunglasses

Giveaway! Enter to Win 1 of 4 Gatorz Sunglasses

Gatorz are stylish sunglasses with a metal frame that were introduced in the 1980’s. They have been manufactured since then by several different companies. There are two types of Gatorz: regular and sunnies. Sunnies are made from plastic while regular Gatorz come in metal frames and have a leather strap around them (like the ones pictured above). You can see all three types of Gatorz at Amazon .

The Gatorz are not cheap. They retail for $30 each.

However, they do come in a variety of colors so it isn’t just black or white either. If you’re looking for something fun and colorful, these might be your new favorite sunglasses!

What Are Some Best Running Sunglasses?

When shopping for running glasses, there are many factors to consider when choosing one that will fit your needs and style. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Size – Most runners wear glasses, but some don’t like their prescription being too big. To determine if your eyesight is good enough to wear running glasses, measure them with a ruler.

For example, if they are 20 inches long and 7.5 inches wide, you probably have normal vision and can wear regular glasses without any problems. If your running glasses are smaller than this, you may want to talk to your eye doctor before going on a run.

Style – There are many different styles of sports glasses. We recommend choosing one that works well with your face.

For example, you should avoid square frames if your face is wide or round frames if it is narrow.

Durability – When it comes to sunglasses for running or any other physical activity, you need something that is durable and will last. You should avoid thin frames or anything made from poor quality plastic or metal.

UV Protection – Slipping on some shades may give you a false sense of security when it comes to UV protection. You need to make sure the lenses cut down on the sun’s rays just like normal sunglasses.

The only difference is, running glasses are also designed for physical activity. If you wear them during a race, there’s a good chance you’ll never lose them!

Price – Goggles are popular among runners because they cover the eyes and most of the face. This is great for blocking the wind on a windy day, but they can be costly if you don’t take proper care of them.

Our guide explains how to clean running glasses so you can get more use out of them.

Do you have any other questions about running glasses or anything else?

Giveaway! Enter to Win 1 of 4 Gatorz Sunglasses

Gatorz has provided 4 pairs of sunglasses for our lucky readers. Each pair is valued at $30 and we will pick 4 winners, so each winner will receive 1 pair.

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