Inner Peace: Exploring Your Pre-Competition Mindset

Inner Peace: Exploring Your Pre-Competition Mindset

What Is Inner Peace?

The word “inner” means within or inside. It’s used to refer to a person’s internal state of being. It refers to one’s mental and emotional well-being, which includes feelings such as happiness, sadness, fear, anger and other emotions. A person with inner peace is not only calm but also happy and contented throughout life. Inner peace is the ability to live a life free from anxiety, worry, stress and depression.

How To Find Inner Peace?

There are many ways to achieve inner peace. One way is through meditation. Meditation involves focusing your attention on your breathing while relaxing all of your muscles and relaxing any tension in your body. You may do it during sleeping hours or when you feel stressed out due to work or other activities. Another method is through yoga practice. Yoga involves stretching and strengthening your muscles, which helps you relax and focus on your breath. You may also try mindfulness meditation techniques like guided imagery or deep breathing exercises.

Another way to reach inner peace is through self-hypnosis. Self hypnosis involves using hypnosis to induce relaxation in yourself without the use of drugs or alcohol. Hypnotism can be done by yourself or with someone else who will assist you in inducing relaxation in you.

You may also try journaling. Through it you write down your thoughts and feelings, which help you deal with your problems. Through writing you can express your inner thoughts and beliefs that are hidden inside your heart or mind. Through it you can work through any issues that have been troubling you.

It’s important to find time for yourself in a day. Just spend a few minutes sitting doing nothing. Don’t check your phone, turn off the T.V, close your laptop, just sit and do nothing. Take a few breaths and focus on your breathing.

With time, this will help you reach a calmer state of mind.

A Story About Inner Peace

Once upon a time there was a king who ruled a vast kingdom. He had everything one can ever want or wish for, yet he was not happy. One day he discovered that an old sage lived at the base of the mountain which he owned. Intrigued, he sent a messenger to bring the sage to him.

As soon as the sage arrived, the king asked him, “Sir, I have everything one can desire in life: money, power, fame, and so on. But I am not happy.

Can you tell me how to find happiness?”

The sage responded, “Your Highness, it is a beautiful day.

Would you like to go for a ride with me in your carriage?”

Not understanding the question, but agreeing, the king got in the carriage. They rode for miles and ended up at the base of another mountain. The sage told the king to look behind him. He saw his magnificent palace on one side and his vast kingdom on the other.

The sage asked him, “Which is bigger, your palace or your kingdom?”

“My palace is bigger,” the king answered.

“No, your palace is not bigger,” the sage replied. “Everything you see, including your palace, is part of your kingdom. While your palace is bigger than most things in your kingdom, it is not bigger than your kingdom itself.”

The king did not understand. The sage continued, “You said you have money, power, and fame.

Is anyone of these greater than you?”

The king thought for a moment and answered, “No. I am greater than all of these, for it is I who has command of them.”

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“Exactly. You are greater than your possessions. You have everything you desire but you do not realize that you have it. You are like the mountain: while your palace may be part of your kingdom, it is not greater than your kingdom. You, on the other hand, are greater than everything you have.

Just realize that and you will find happiness. Good day, Your Highness.

The king contemplated the sages words for months. He thought about how he had let greed control him. The sage was right; he did have everything. It wasn’t until one faithful day that everything changed for him. He saw a mother nursing her child.

A strange feeling suddenly overcame him. Tears streamed down his face as he gazed upon the scene: the child needed food and the mother was providing it for him. At that moment, he realized the great gift that he had in his own son. He rushed back to his palace where he found his wife about to give birth.

He embraced her and their son upon their arrival. He decided then and there that he would be a better father and husband. His greed was gone; he no longer desired to be king over everything. He was happy with what he had. From that day on, he lived happily ever after with his wife and son.

You awake from your dream. “That was quite the dream,” you mutter to yourself as you get out of bed. A glint of light reflects on the round corner of your ring. You stare at it and remember the story your father told you on your birthday breakfast this morning. You remember feeling a great disturbance in the force when you put the ring on.

You have a funny feeling that something will happen soon…


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