Katrin Davidsdottir Celebrates Her Body in ESPN’s Body Issue

Katrin Davidsdottir Celebrates Her Body in ESPN’s Body Issue

Katrina Davidsdottir, a 25 year old Icelandic model and actress from Reykjavik, was featured in the first ever edition of ESPN’s Body Issue. She is one of the most beautiful women on earth and she looks even better in her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover shoot. Katrina has been modeling since she was 15 years old and it seems like she is always working hard to achieve her goals.

In order to promote her new book “The Girl With No Name” Katrina decided to participate in an ESPN (ESPN) swimsuit photo shoot. While some may see this as a publicity stunt, I think it is actually very important because it shows how much talent Katrina has and how talented she really is.

Katrina Davidsdottir: A Model’s Life

I met Katrina when I was 16 years old and she was 17. At the time I didn’t realize just how good of a dancer she would become.

After high school, I moved away from my family and lived with other friends in another town for several months before moving back home where I stayed until college. During those years, I saw Katrina perform at many different events and festivals throughout Iceland. She was always so nice to everyone and seemed genuinely happy performing.

After college, we started dating and after two years we got married! We’ve been happily married for five years now and I feel so lucky to be with such an amazing woman.

She is currently working on her masters degree in psychology and has been hinting at the fact that she would like to start a family soon.

Katrina Goes to America

When I first met her, she only danced for fun and never really thought about becoming a professional dancer but after meeting me, she started taking it more seriously and broke into the business pretty quickly. She now travels all over the world to exotic locations and is often in the spotlight.

She has been on several magazine covers and has even been a spokesperson for large international brands. She loves to travel and I get to go with her whenever my work at the local bank allows me to get time off.

Katrin Davidsdottir Celebrates Her Body in ESPN’s Body Issue -

Katrina has also recently started taking acting classes and she seems to enjoy it a lot. She has already filmed a few commercials and has gotten positive feedback for her role in an upcoming movie.

I’m really proud of her and it seems like she can do anything she puts her mind to.

Katrina Davidsdottir: On Location

For the ESPN shoot, the team was going to be headed to Copenhagen, Denmark. Copenhagen is a very nice city and the locals there are very friendly.

I’ve been to quite a few cities in Europe but I think it would be fun to go back sometime soon with Katrina. I was already in the area for work so I had a chance to meet up with her and the rest of the team before everything got started. It was great seeing her again and we spent some time together before the photo shoot got started.

The shoot took place in a large open field on the outskirts of the city. There were cameras and lighting equipment set up all over the place and a small group of people were busy running around putting the finishing touches on everything.

A couple of the staff approached us to see if we needed anything and if we were ready to start. We let them know that we were ready to go and they went back to get things started.

It didn’t take long for the rest of the team to arrive and they seemed to be in a good mood. Once everyone was there, we walked over to the director so he could give us our instructions for the day.

He said that we should only expect to be there a couple of hours at most and that they only needed a few different shots so it would go by really quickly. We all nodded and went back to our starting positions.

When everything was ready, the photographer shouted “action!” and we began performing the choreographed routine that we had been practicing for weeks.

Katrin Davidsdottir Celebrates Her Body in ESPN’s Body Issue on

It was a little intimidating at first but I caught myself really getting into it after a few moments. The whole shoot went by a lot faster than I expected. Before we knew it, the photographer told us that they got all the pictures that they needed.

After saying our goodbyes, we were all free to go for the day. I offered to give everyone a ride back to the hotel but only Helena wanted to go with me so we grabbed our things and headed out.

During the drive over, she kept complimenting me on how well I did. I told her that dance was something that I really enjoyed doing when I was younger and it was fun to get a chance to do it again. She asked if I would be up for doing it again some time but I didn’t know. I would have to think about it.

When we got back to the hotel, we both went our separate ways. I still had some time before I had to be back at work so I decided to head down to the hotel’s lounge to have a drink and unwind a bit.

I ordered a rum and coke and found myself a seat at the bar. It wasn’t very crowded in there so I found myself easily able to make conversation with the bartender as I drank. He mentioned that he had noticed me in here on several occasions and asked if I was staying at the hotel.

“Yes, I’m actually here for a work event.”

Do what?”

“I’m a military advisor.”

Oh really? Like a general or something?”

I laughed and took another drink. I didn’t want to go into too much detail.

“No, not like a general. More like a captain but not quite.”

Oh, like military intelligence? Like how expected to know everything about the country you’re invading?”

How the hell does everyone know everything about that these days? It’s not like it was a well-kept secret or anything.


Katrin Davidsdottir Celebrates Her Body in ESPN’s Body Issue on

something like that.”

Before he could ask any more questions, another hotel guest came up and began talking to him so I was saved. I finished my drink and then decided to head back to my room.

I didn’t want to push my luck by staying in a place where I wasn’t even supposed to be. Besides, I started to feel the effects of the alcohol and I needed to get some sleep if I wanted to keep this routine up tomorrow as well. I just needed to figure out a way to do some sight-seeing during the day so I could at least kill two birds with one stone.

I woke up fairly early the next day so I could get something to eat before my shift and then head over to the studio. Today was another practice session so it would be more of the same as yesterday.

I got to the restaurant a little earlier than I normally did so I could grab something quick to eat before practicing.

While I was there, I overheard the waitress who had served me yesterday talking to the manager.


yeah, he was really nice. He even offered to give me a ride back to the hotel afterwards since he was going back that way.”

Did you accept?”

the manager asked.


I don’t think that would be appropriate.”

“I’m sure it wouldn’t.”

She walked away before I could hear anymore. I was a little curious about what they were talking about.

It sounded like she was talking about me but I didn’t ask her directly since I didn’t want her to think that I was trying to put the moves on her. Maybe she just misinterpreted me or something. I’d probably never know.

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I paid for my meal and left to go to the studio.

The session went by pretty quickly again. I mean aside from the soreness that was starting to set in, it was fairly routine.

At this point I was wishing something would happen to make it less so but no such luck.

Afterwards, I got my ride back to the hotel with Arlette and tried to think up an opportunity to sight-see without coming off as a creepy stalker. I went back and forth with possibilities in my head but nothing solid was coming to me, that was until we pulled up to the hotel.

Hey Arlette?”


Since you work at that hotel, would you know where someplace to get some good vinyl records would be?”

Her eyes lit up when I asked her that.

Are you a collector?”

“Not really, but my Dad was and he just passed away recently so I’m going through his stuff.”

“Oh I’m so sorry to hear that.”


So would you know where I could get some records?”

“Well there’s a few shops within walking distance of here. I can give you some directions if you want.

“That would be great, thanks.”

Katrin Davidsdottir Celebrates Her Body in ESPN’s Body Issue |

As she was telling me where to go, she mentioned that there was a small cafe in the vicinity that had good coffee and snacks. Apparently her and her boyfriend went there fairly often since it was one of the few places in this area that wasn’t too expensive.

The fact that she immediately brought him up caused me to do the same with Zal. I guess I was still feeling a little sensitive about all this.


like where Zal takes me.” I said in a dejected tone.

Oh yeah, she’s your girlfriend right?

I remember seeing the two of you together at the last company function we attended.”

Was it that obvious?”

I asked with a laugh.

“Not really, I just made an assumption given how you reacted when I touched your hand.”


well I guess it was pretty obvious then.”

We both laughed a bit before she dropped me off at the directions. I thanked her again for all her help and got out of the car.

“Oh, before you go. Here’s my card just in case you need to get a hold of me.”

I opened the card and looked at it. On the front was a picture of Arlette in a red dress with an honest to goodness old style film camera on a tripod behind her.

Katrin Davidsdottir Celebrates Her Body in ESPN’s Body Issue -

On the front it simply said “Arlette Studio” in elegant lettering. The back had her name, a short message, and a phone number. I took the card out and looked at it before sliding it into the pocket of my jeans.


“No problem. See you ’round Jack.”

I waited until the car was out of sight before walking towards the cafe. I felt a little weird just hanging around outside it, even though there were a few people doing the same.

After a few minutes of waiting I saw Zal come out of the cafe with a to-go cup in her hand.

I couldn’t hear what she was saying, but from the way she was moving her mouth I could tell she was on the phone. She then looked over in my direction and gave a quick wave before going back to the conversation.

I started walking towards her and that’s when I saw who she was talking to on the phone.

It was Arlette. They both were looking at me and waving.


Hi.” I said as I walked up to them.

“Jack, this is Arlette, and you’ve met Zal.”

Katrin Davidsdottir Celebrates Her Body in ESPN’s Body Issue at

“We’ve actually never met.” Zal corrected, still holding her phone.


well hey Arlette.”

“Hello again Jack.”

Arlette took a few steps towards me and hugged me. I didn’t really know how to react except to hug her back.

Zal just rolled her eyes at the pair of us and continued drinking her coffee.

So what are you doing here?”

Arlette asked.

Looking for records, did you know there’s a store in this area?”

She nodded.

“Yeah, there’s a few actually. We passed a used record store on the way here.”

Used records?”

I repeated, a bit surprised.

Katrin Davidsdottir Celebrates Her Body in ESPN’s Body Issue at

I couldn’t imagine someone would just give away their music records. Then again, I guess it made sense since they eventually wore out.

Yeah, you like old records?”

she asked.

“Some of my earliest memories are my mom playing classical music for me.”



“I’m more of a pop and hip-hop fan myself, but I can appreciate a lot of the old artists, though some of it is a bit too old fashioned for me.” she said with a giggle.

Are you saying my mom’s music is old fashioned?”

I joked.

She laughed as she lightly pushed me.

So are we going to go look at your records, or what?”

Zal cut in.

“Yeah, we can do that…

Katrin Davidsdottir Celebrates Her Body in ESPN’s Body Issue on

or we can go get some pizza.” I said, mostly to myself, though Zal heard me and agreed.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you later then,” Arlette said with a bit of disappointment.

“You could come with us.” I suggested before realizing how that might’ve sounded out of my mouth.

“Sure, let’s go eat pizza.” Zal said sarcastically.

“No, what I meant was Arlette can come with us and get something else.”

Like what?”

“I dunno… something vegetarian… or whatever you are.”

“I’m Korean.”

“Well, you can come with us and get something else from the pizza place.” I tried again.

Did you say beer?”

Zal asked with a smirk.


but only if you’re old enough. Nevermind, you two have fun.” I quickly said, not willing to risk letting her drink.

Katrin Davidsdottir Celebrates Her Body in ESPN’s Body Issue |

“I’m 18, but thanks for the concern.” Zal said with a wink and started walking down the street.

“I’ll be back later then. See you later, Jack.” Arlette said as she started to walk after Zal.

I watched the both of them, then quickly ran to catch up with them.

Hey, where are you going?”

I asked, finally matching pace with them.

“We’re going to your friend’s pizza place.” Zal said without turning to look at me.

“Closest one is this way.” I said pointing in the opposite direction.

Are you sure?

Because this place sounds like the type that caters to college students, so it’s gotta be over there.”

“I wouldn’t know, I’ve only ever eaten at the place a few blocks from here. They have better pizza.”

“Let’s go there then!” Arlette said, now interested in this other place.

“No, that place isn’t as good. Trust me.”

“Well let’s just go there and decide then.

Your place is on the way, right?”

I was a bit hesitant, but I agreed to take them there. I wasn’t sure if I actually wanted Zal to meet my grandparents…

Katrin Davidsdottir Celebrates Her Body in ESPN’s Body Issue at

“There’s a parking spot!

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