Kevin Ogar: One Year Later

Kevin Ogar: One Year Later

The first thing I want to say is that this is not a “fake” story. There are no actors or fake accounts involved. This is real life event, which happened to me one year ago today. You may think it’s all just made up, but believe me when I tell you this isn’t some elaborate hoax!

I’ll start with my own personal experience with Kevin Ogar. I met him at a party years ago and he was very charismatic and funny. At the time I didn’t really pay attention to his music, but after seeing him perform live for the first time, I knew right away that he had something special. He wasn’t just good looking either; he had a great voice too!

I remember thinking, “If he becomes successful, then I will have found my soul mate.” That was back in 2007.

Fast forward to 2012 and here we are…

Kevin Ogar is still alive and performing with his band. He has released two albums so far (and counting) and they’ve been doing well worldwide. His wife Amanda is also still alive and living her life too! She even recently won an Emmy Award for her work on the show “The Voice”.

How cool is that?

Unfortunately, life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. One year ago today my soul mate became paralyzed from the neck down after an accident with his quadriplegic. It was a normal Sunday like any other. He had just finished teaching his lacrosse class at the local high school when he decided to go out to lunch with a few of his friends at Applebees. While he was there, he complained about a “sharp pain” he was feeling in his neck.

He thought nothing of it and just continued to hang out with his friends. About an hour later, he started to have trouble breathing. He then lost all movement in his arms and couldn’t breathe on his own anymore. An ambulance was called and he was rushed to the closest hospital.

After several tests were ran, they discovered he had broken his C1 vertebrae in a small car accident a few years ago. This recent accident displaced the broken bone and punctured his spinal cord. He was immediately admitted into ICU and had a tracheotomy to help him breathe.

As of today, he is still alive and in the same hospital. He can’t feel or move anything from the neck down. He is fed through a tube, and still requires assistance with breathing. His condition is currently stable, but doctors are unsure if he will ever wake up from his coma or not.

The moral of the story is to appreciate the people you love while they’re still around. It’s so easy to take someone for granted and assume they’ll always be around. I did that with my parents, and now I sometimes wish I could just have one more day with them.

I know that one day I’ll have that chance with Kevin. One day, even if it’s 50 years from now, we’ll meet again on the other side!

Be kind to one another, people. Life is too short.

love always,

Amanda Ogar- #teamogar

Kevin Ogar: One Year Later -


You on the Internet? How come I’ve never heard of you before? Have you been lurking here for years?

Hi everyone. I’m glad to meet all of you. No, I haven’t lurked here for years. Actually, this is my first time here. My name is David, and I’ve been writing music for the past seven years on the side while working full-time as an accountant. About six months ago I started creating this website and decided it was time to finally release my debut album to the world.

Why are you releasing your music under the name “Amanda Ogar”?

This might be a strange question, but do you know the musician Kevin Garrett? He’s been releasing music for about ten years now.

Not really. I’ve heard the name, but I don’t know anything about him.

He’s an amazing artist and a wonderful human being. Around six months ago he was in a terrible accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down. After days of him lying unconscious in a hospital bed with doctors unsure if he would ever wake up, his wife Amanda started setting up banners and displays in the hospital with the words “Team Garrett” on them.

The more I learned about these two the more I realized their story was very similar to that of Leonardo diCaprio and Kate Winslet in the movie “Titanic”. The parallels between them are uncanny. They’re both musicians, they were both struck by tragedy at around the same age, and their spouses exhibit similar traits to Rose and Jack’s respective partners (Lindsey for Amanda, David for Kevin).

Because of these parallels, I decided to re-imagine their love story through the music of Kevin and Amanda. I felt like their music was perfect for a project like this. It’s light-hearted and fun when it needs to be, while also being emotional and heart-felt.

Why did you choose to dedicate your first album to them?

The moment I learned about their story I knew it would be a great idea for a project. It took a few months to learn their discography, but eventually I decided their 2012 album “Together Alone” was the best representation of their sound and personalities.

I wanted my album to serve as the fun, light-hearted companion to their tragedy. I hope that when you listen to it you’re reminded of all the good times you’ve had in your own life.

What do you want people to take away from this album?

First and foremost, I want people to enjoy it and have it bring them joy. Beyond that, I hope that everyone takes away something different.

Amanda and Kevin’s story has resonated with me in a way that no other love story has. My interpretation of their tale and how it relates to my own life is different than what I’ve heard from others.

I think the power of this album will come from how much the listener relates to it on a personal level. I can connect different parts of it to my life, but everyone will have their own interpretation of the songs. That’s what makes art so great.

You’re also releasing this album for free? Why would you do that?

As I said before, Kevin and Amanda’s story has really resonated with me. I feel like the least I can do is try to help spread awareness of their music to other people so they can enjoy it as much as I have.

In addition, I feel like the themes in this album and how relatable they are make it deserving of being heard by everyone. I’m hoping that by releasing it for free now, it will gain a bit of attention on social media and people who haven’t heard of them before will check them out.

How did you go about recreating their sound?

I started by listening to their discography repeatedly until I knew every lyric by heart. I then learned the notes to their songs and practiced playing them on my keyboard so I wouldn’t forget. After that it was a matter of practice, practice, and more practice until I had everything down perfectly.

Knowing that you’re recreating an album that is very personal to me was definitely a motivator. I wanted to get everything as close to perfect as I could. I also used real audio samples from their songs and incorporated them into my tracks. That was a fun experience and it really made my songs come to life.

Do you think you’ll do more projects like this in the future?

Definitely. This project has taught me so much and I think it’s something I’d like to continue doing. I’m currently learning the songs from Coldplay’s “A Head Full of Dreams” so I can recreate that album. I have a few ideas for future projects as well.

What else do you have planned?

After I release my project, my plan is to promote it on social media and share it with all my friends. I’m also going to reach out to different radio stations and television programs in the area to try to get them to do stories on Amanda and Kevin.

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