Last Week’s Videos of the Week

Last Week’s Videos of the Week

Last Week’s Videos of the Week: Season 7 Episode 5

John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight (LWT) is one of the most popular shows on television, but it isn’t just because it airs at night. The show has been known to air late into the evening when there are no other programs airing. That was certainly true during its first two seasons, but now that John Oliver has become a household name, viewers have started tuning in earlier and later than they used to.

In fact, LWT has been airing on Monday nights since the beginning of its third season. The reason for this shift is unclear, but it seems likely that the show is simply trying to keep up with other late-night TV shows that are already doing so well. However, some fans believe that LWT may actually be changing course again and will soon start broadcasting on Sunday nights instead.

There is no evidence to support these claims, but if that were to happen, then it would mean that the show would have to move from Monday through Friday nights. Since LWT usually airs between 11 p.m. and midnight every night, it wouldn’t take much time for the network to accommodate such a change.

For now, however, there is no evidence that this will happen. In fact, there has been no official word from HBO about any change of schedule at all. If anything like this were to happen, it likely wouldn’t be announced until next year at the earliest. As always, fans will just have to wait and see what the future holds for their favorite late-night program.

Last Week’s Videos of the Week: Season 7 Episode 5

When it first began, Last Week Tonight was only on once per week. This made sense since its network, HBO, is primarily a subscription-based film channel. As such, the channel did not air any regular programming. The series didn’t become a regular part of the lineup until its second season, when it became a fixture on Monday nights at 11 p.m.


It didn’t move to its current time slot until the third season, when it began airing on Sunday nights at the same time as that evening’s episode of Game of Thrones. It’s been on that schedule ever since, but there’s no word yet on whether or not this will change. Because nothing has been announced, there’s no way to tell if the series will end up on Sundays, Mondays or Fridays next year.

The only thing that is certain is that it will still air on Sundays at some point next year. Whether or not the time slot will change, and if so, to what, remains a mystery for now. But it’s unlikely that the show will somehow start airing multiple times each week. Although Last Week Tonight has been tremendously popular with critics and audiences alike since its premiere, the show has always had issues attracting a large viewership.

HBO has been supportive of the program, but there are limits to what even a premium channel is willing to spend money on. As such, it’s unlikely that the show will go over-budget to the point where it’s airing multiple times per week. 2019 has yet to unfold, but there are already rumors persisting about the future of Last Week Tonight.

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With that in mind, it’s entirely possible that these rumors aren’t anywhere near true and are based on nothing but hearsay and speculation. Still, they’re interesting enough that they’re worth exploring as the year comes to a close.

The first rumor is one that’s been making the rounds for a while now. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has yet to address this matter head on, but some fans believe it may have been renewed for two more seasons after this one. If that is the case, these same fans believe that the fourth and fifth seasons will only last six episodes each.

This would be a major change for the show, which has aired a full 30-episode slate for each of its first three runs. However, it would allow everyone involved to take the rest of the year off and still produce a full season’s worth of episodes. Last Week Tonight has the benefit of mostly consisting of pre-taped segments, so it wouldn’t be too difficult to produce less episodes while still having a full workload.

This rumor may be doubtful, but it’s not completely out of the question. Although Last Week Tonight has been a tremendous success, it’s not as big as Game of Thrones or Westworld. HBO might decide that six episode seasons are enough to satisfy audiences and keep costs down.

The next rumor is a bit more far-fetched, but no less fascinating. There are several people online claiming that Last Week Tonight will be coming to an end soon. These claims are based on several “clues” that fans have found in recent episodes.

So, what are these clues and how do they add up?

Well, the first thing to address is an odd remark John Oliver made during the episode on Italy’s election this past Sunday. According to at least one Reddit user, he said “that’s it” immediately after making a joke about the Five Star Movement.

Now, there’s no clear reason why he should say that. Nothing on the episode would necessarily indicate that that was the last joke he was going to make about the subject. The only logical explanations are that he was telling his crew that was a wrap on the segment or that he knew he was going to be moving on to a different topic after the election story and didn’t want to waste any more time on it.

Reddit user “Gnussel” took this as evidence that Last Week Tonight has already been renewed for two more years and season five will only last six episodes, like explained earlier. Other users have suggested that it’s more likely that the show has not been renewed and this is Oliver’s way of hinting that it should be.

If Last Week Tonight does go through with a massive overhaul, you’ll know why.

Both of these rumors are based on guesswork and conjecture at this point, which makes them a bit unreliable. Still, fans will no doubt keep an eye on Oliver’s words in future episodes and parse them for any major clues.

This all may be a waste of time considering that Last Week Tonight has yet to be officially renewed for another season, but it’s certainly fun to think about regardless.

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