Pieces of Advice for the New CrossFit Coach

Pieces of Advice for the New CrossFit Coach

The new coach of the CrossFit Games will have a big task ahead of him. There are many things to learn and implement into their program. The first thing they need to do is to get acquainted with the whole system. They must understand how it works, why it works, and how it can be improved upon.

I’m going to give you some pieces of advice to help you out in your job. I hope these tips will prove useful when you start coaching the Games.

1) Know Your Audience: You’re not supposed to be preaching at them or telling them what’s best for them; rather, you want to explain the benefits of each approach so that they can make up their own minds based on their experience and training goals.

If someone comes in asking “What should I do?”

then you’ve failed.

2) Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions: Some questions might seem silly to you, but if they come from a place of curiosity and desire to improve, then ask!

You’ll gain valuable insight into what’s working and what isn’t.

3) Always Have A Plan B: If something doesn’t work out, don’t fret too much about it because there will always be another option available.

Always have a plan!

4) Take It Step By Step: Don’t try to change everything at once because this can lead to confusion and, more importantly, failure.

If you introduce too much at once then people will start forgetting what’s supposed to be done. Break it down into bite-size chunks so that they can absorb the main points easily.

5) Keep A Log: I can’t emphasize this one enough.

Pieces of Advice for the New CrossFit Coach at

Keeping a training log allows you to look back at what’s been done and track progress over time. It’s also great to see what’s been working for people. You don’t have to follow it necessarily, but if something seems to be helping then keep with it!

6) Be Consistent: People want to know that the plan is going to be there tomorrow just like it is today.

The goal shouldn’t be to change people but rather to prepare them for the unexpected and unknowable while still following a solid plan.

7) Be Yourself: Don’t try to be something your not just because you’re in a position of leadership.

Be the coach you wanted when you started out and you’ll be good.

These are just some basic tips to get you started on your journey. I’m sure you’ll have many more to add as you go along but, for now, start here. Good luck!

Thanks for reading!

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Then after you’re done there is the infamous greg glassman tweets, which are not for the faint of heart.

On Crossfit and affiliates: gasps, looks at watch, runs out room, yells “we have to burn more calories”.

-Gregory “Glassman” (Glassman, 2013)

Pieces of Advice for the New CrossFit Coach on

On divorce and breaking up with affiliates: “do not take your problems out on the other athletes by kicking them out of the box for a day. they didn’t break up with you.”

-Gregory “Glassman” (Crossfit, 2013)

Congratulations to the 2013 Crossfit games winners. There will be no first, second or third place award for the games this year. You are all winners.

-Gregory “Glassman” (Crossfit, 2013)

About Glassman:

I feel the need to elaborate on some of these since I didn’t get the whole story myself. Gregory is the owner of crossfit and also has a cult following (hundreds of thousands of people). Now I’m not saying crossfit itself is a cult, but a lot of the top people surrounding it are since they literally follow everything he says. This seems sketchy to me since, as far as I know, he’s not a licensed medical doctor and doesn’t have an extensive background in any sort of exercise physiology.

That being said, he’s probably still one of the most knowledgable people on the subject and has been doing it longer than most.

But since this is a biased article, I’ll share some stuff that isn’t common knowledge to lay off a bit on him. His parents were actually communists (I have no idea if this is still true) and left the United States to protest the ‘rich corrupt government’ by moving to Soviet Russia in the 60’s. He was actually born there but moved back to the states in his early teens and has been here ever since. This would explain why he is so outspoken against big business; he grew up hating America.

(makes sense now)

I can’t speak for an exact moment where he ‘got saved’, but I do know that he was a very hard-core atheist until at least college and drank heavily in his younger years. His views on big business and America are a little more recent so it’s safe to say he still has somewhat of an identity crisis, but his views are much better now. Again, I’m not trying to bash the guy, but since this is the internet, I felt like I should clear some stuff up for the sake of making him look better.

Pieces of Advice for the New CrossFit Coach |

With that being said…

The best way to sum up greg in one word is passion . Now I can’t say if this passion is good or bad, but it is what it is. He’s been known to be somewhat of a hard-core alcoholic, and his language on the blogs isn’t exactly what I would call ‘G-rated’. But he’s passionate about what he does and he does have a ton of integrity.

He doesn’t put up with weakness and will fire people on the spot for not being dedicated to their training. He’s been known to be cheap with the pay as well, but again, he wants CrossFit to succeed and he knows that money needs to be spent in order for that to happen.

The last thing I want to address is his relationship with Russell Greene. Many people believe that they’re ‘sleeping together’ so to speak, but this isn’t true. They’re incredibly close friends and have been ever since they met in college. The fact that they’re both gay just adds to their bond.

Crossfit’s success has given both of them everything they could ever want, but they still remain humble and give praise to God for what he’s done.

Crossfit is NOT a cult:

There are many health benefits to crossfit. From increasing your metabolism to building strength and endurance, Crossfit has it all. Now I’m not saying that you should discard all of your current workout equipment (especially not your leg press machine), but crossfit should be incorporated to your weekly exercise regiment. It’s much more efficient than just doing isolation workouts or weightlifting.

I could go on for days about the benefits of crossfit, but I don’t want to bore you. If you’re interested in learning more, just give me a call and I’d be glad to give you the whole presentation.

So what are you waiting for?

Call now!

Note from Chad: My apologies for any inconvenience, but you’ve been roped into the cult of crossfit. See you at the box!

Pieces of Advice for the New CrossFit Coach on

P.S. No refunds.

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