Power Monkey Camp: A Week Long Training Camp & Competition

Power Monkey Camp: A Week Long Training Camp & Competition

Power Monkey Camp: A Week Long Training Camp & Competition

The Power Monkey Camp is a week long competition where competitors train with their own personal trainers at the same time. Competitors are divided into different teams which compete against each other to win prizes and bragging rights. The campers must complete various challenges such as running through mud, swimming in rivers, climbing mountains, lifting heavy objects and much more! Each team member must perform all tasks assigned to them.

If one person cannot do it, then the task will not be completed. There are no rules or regulations in this camp so everyone competes according to their abilities. The camps have been held since 2010 and have attracted over 500 participants from around the world.

In this blog post we share some interesting facts about Power Monkey Camp: A Week Long Training Camp & Competition.

1) Power Monkey Camp Location:

Power Monkey Camp is located in the hills near Santa Cruz, California. The camp was started by a man named Chris Dornan. Since its inception, there have been many changes made to the camp including adding new obstacles and changing the name of the camp to “The Jungle Gym”. In 2011, Dornan changed his mind about moving away from his home town and decided to stay put.

He then decided to run a local Monkey Mud Camp about a mile away from the original camp location. These camps are still held at the current time.

2) The Power Monkey Camp Crew:

The Power Monkey Camp crew consists of a group of people who help run the race each year. Some of these members are employees while others are volunteers. One of the volunteers is Heather “Anish” Anderson who was the first female winner of the race in 2012. Heather is a professional adventure racer and has taken part in several other races.

Her most recent achievement was taking part in the first-ever Red Bull 400 competition in Utah, which she won.

3) The Power Monkey Camp Rules:

Power Monkey Camp: A Week Long Training Camp & Competition on

These rules have been put in place to ensure that all the competitors are safe at all times.

a) No whining!

b) No complaining!

c) No crying!

d) No bitching!

e) No cursing!

f) No fighting!

g) No eating anything other than basic food rations!

h) No sitting around doing nothing!

i) No radios unless on the official event radio frequency and then only with headphones.

j) All injuries are to be treated by the medic team. Your team leader is in charge of the medical team and you must report all injuries immediately.

Power Monkey Camp: A Week Long Training Camp & Competition -

k) The local sheriff will be on site to make sure everything goes smoothly.

l) Any violation of these rules may result in expulsion from the camp with no refund. It is a privilege to be here and respect and obey the rules.

m) We have a great time, but its not a walk in the park. There are no refunds. It is what it is!

4) The Power Monkey Camp Itinerary:

Below is a sample itinerary of the camp. It is subject to change at any time so participants should be prepared for anything!

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