Predicting 15.3—Week 3 of the CrossFit Games Open

Predicting 15.3—Week 3 of the CrossFit Games Open

The CrossFit Games are an annual competition which is held every year since its inception in 2009. The games are divided into three rounds: Open, Women’s and Men’s. Each round consists of four workouts with each workout consisting of five exercises (or movements) performed for time. The first two weeks consist of the women’s division while the last week consists of men’s division.

In the Open division, athletes compete against each other in a single elimination tournament format. Athletes are judged based on their performance during the workout, which includes both individual and team scores.

The top eight male and female finishers from each division advance to the finals where they will face off against one another in a head-to-head battle for $50,000 in prize money. The winner receives $25,000 and second place gets $15,000.

The Women’s Division features a different format than the Open division. There are no individual or team scores in the Women’s division.

Instead, competitors must complete all five exercises for time and then move on to the next exercise until there is only one competitor left standing. The final score is based on how many repetitions each athlete completed in a set amount of time.

This year, the games are being held at the Stub Hub Center in Los Angeles. The competitors will move from station to station, completing as many reps as they can of a given exercise before moving on to the next one.

When the set is completed, they will move on to the next one, and so on until they have completed all five exercises, at which point they will have finished their “heat” and get a chance to rest before the next group starts. This will continue until all members of a group have completed all five exercises and the top scorers from each group will move on to the next round. Weights will be heavy, reps will be low and times will be quick.

The first three weeks consist of the Open workouts. The workouts are released each Thursday at 5pm PST.

The first week will be the release of 15.1, the next week (the week of Valentine’s day) will be 15.2 and finally, two weeks later, 15.3. Each week after the release of a new workout, you will have four days to complete it before the next week’s workout is released. This means you have a maximum of one month to complete 15.1, five weeks to complete 15.2 and a whopping eight weeks to complete 15.3.

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Finally, two weeks after the release of 15.3, the top male and female competitors from each division will compete against each other at the So Cal CrossFit Championship.

The competitors are paired based on the leaderboard results.

This year, the prize pool for the Open is a whopping $2,000,000. The first prize is $500,000.

The second prize is $100,000. Finally, the third prize is $75,000. The remaining prizes are $20,000 for fourth to tenth, $15,000 for 11th – 20th, $10,000 for 21st – 30th, $5,000 for 31st – 50th and $2,500 for 51st – 100th.

As you can see from the prize money structure, you need to finish in the top ten of your division to make any sort of real money. If you want to get in the top ten, you need to not only score high but also beat people ahead of you.

Given how big the prize pool is, everyone will be gunning for those top ten spots so the competition is going to be tough.

Looking at the standings from 15.1 after four days, it seems like anyone’s game.

Your worst score was a 21 and your best was a 7. The person in first place has a high of only 14 and their lowest is 26, giving them a low score of 6. There are already three people with lowest scores of 6 so the competition is closer than ever. Everyone will be gunning to lower their scores during 15.2.

As far as choosing the Open workouts go, you got extremely lucky. Of course, there is an argument that the snatch ladder from last year was luckier since it basically came down to a physical endurance test, but given that your lowest score was 21 and the workout was designed for people to get 0s, you got lucky this time around.

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As you look at 15.2, you’re not exactly sure what to expect.

14.2 was a repeat of 14.1 but with heavy weights, so you’re hoping that this is another heavy weight workout similar to what we did last year. The name of the workout is “Angry Chipmunk”, so at least there’s that.

Finally, it’s the day that 15.2 is released and you rush home after work to give it a go.

The workout starts just like every other one so far. You go as fast as you can go while still maintaining proper form and hoping that your heart doesn’t explode.

About halfway through, you begin to struggle to keep your pace and you finish with no breaks and a ruined heartbeat.

You add up your total reps from the minute chart, which comes out to be 571. You then correlate this number to the rep matrix that is posted online and it suggests that you got an 18.

Congratulations, you got the second highest score in 15.2! Always be improving!

You look at the high scores and see that some people posted really high numbers. It’s anyone’s game as far as who will win.

After a week of waiting, you find out that your score was good enough to put you in first place for 15.2, which gives you a bye into the finals and qualification for the Open.

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You’ll be able to compete in the 2012 CrossFit Games—if you want to.

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