Predicting 16.4 of the 2016 CrossFit Open

Predicting 16.4 of the 2016 CrossFit Open

Predicting 16.4 of the 2016 CrossFit Open:

The CrossFit Games are coming up soon! You have been training hard all year long and now it’s time to show your skills at the biggest competition yet. There will be many great competitors and they’ll all need to work together if they want to win!

The top 16 finishers from each Region will compete in the Open division at the Games. These athletes will then move on to battle it out against each other in Regional competitions where they’ll face off for a chance to take home the coveted title of “Fittest.”

You’ve trained hard and worked your way through all of these different competitions. Now it’s time to show everyone what you’re made of!

Who do you think is going to come out on top?

1) Ryan Hall – The Fittest Man on Earth (and maybe even the World!


Ryan Hall is one of the fittest men in the world. He was able to complete his first CrossFit workout back in 2009 and hasn’t looked back since. His goal is to become the fitter of record for all CrossFit events including the Games. If he does that, he’ll be able to say he holds every single record ever set by any athlete anywhere in history!

To do this, he’s going to need to remain focused and in peak condition for every competition.

So…what’s the best way to remain fully charged going into the crossfit games?

By running a half-marathon!

Yep, that’s right. The man who was the first person to ever finish a CrossFit Open workout (which is an hour long) isn’t even afraid of a 13 mile run. He actually seems to enjoy them from what I can tell. He’s been quoted as saying, “Most people run marathons.

I run ultramarathons.”

The only question left to ask is this: will he be able to keep up his high endurance level throughout the entire CrossFit Games?

Nobody has ever done that before and he certainly will no have easy road ahead of him!

2) Rich Froning – The 4-Time Champ is Here to Stay!

Before we begin, I just want to let you know that this is the fifth year in a row that Rich Froning has made it into the top 20 fittest men in the world. That’s right, this man has won the CrossFit Games four times in a row and he refuses to go down without a fight!

He’s been doing CrossFit for over eight years now and he has no plans on stopping any time soon. He’s always training hard, eating right and getting enough rest so that he can stay on top of his game. After all, you have to stay focused if you want to be the best!

One of the things that makes this year different from all the others is that Rich actually has something to prove. Everyone already knows that he’s the greatest athlete to ever compete in the Crossfit games but he wants so much more than that.

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Rich wants to be known as the greatest athlete of ALL-TIME. He has his sights set on Olympic gold medals and he’s ready to put everything on the line just to get it. Even though he’s already the best CrossFitter out there, he wants to take things to a whole new level.

He’s already in incredible shape but how will he do when the going gets tough?

We’ll have to see this year.

3) Jason Khalipa – The Last of a Dying Breed

Although this man has been around for quite some time now, you could still argue that he’s one of the greatest CrossFit athletes of all-time. He’s been competing in the games since 2005, which means he’s been around to see it grow from just another crazy fitness fad into a worldwide phenomenon.

He knows CrossFitters who have suffered severe injuries and even death while doing extreme workouts. He knows other people who have become so infection that they had to have limbs removed. Even though he’s come close to serious injury on several occasions, he doesn’t seem scared. Instead he seems more driven than ever before.

His determination is what has kept him going all these years. Nothing has been able to stop him and it doesn’t look like anything will be able to stop him any time soon. As one of the “old-guard”, he’s looking forward to the games this year more than ever before. It’s almost as if he wants to make sure that he goes out on top before CrossFit starts changing too much.

One thing is certain though, whether he wins or not this year, he will always be remembered as one of the greatest CrossFit athletes of all-time. His style of training may soon become a thing of the past as CrossFit becomes more and more popular but that’s just how things go. Everything changes eventually.

4) Ben Smith – Still Kicking Butt

This man has been one of the top CrossFit athletes in the world for years now. He seems to have been around forever and shows no signs of stopping any time soon. In fact, he could very well be the oldest person in this year’s competition!

Ben first made a name for himself when he won the second annual CrossFit Games in 2007. Since then, he’s placed in the top ten every single year except for one. Some people may have a hard time dealing with the inevitable aging process but not Ben. Each year he’s proven that age is just a number and that you can do anything you set your mind to, no matter how old you are.

His laid-back, easygoing nature helps him remain calm and focused under any circumstances. People will sometimes forget that he’s even competing because he doesn’t have the same emotional outbursts that most athletes do. It’s obvious he’s been doing this for years and he knows exactly what it takes to win.

Even though he hasn’t won every year, he’s gained enough respect from his competitors to be considered one of the “gods” of the CrossFit community. That’s pretty impressive considering how young CrossFit is as a sport. This will be the fourth games he’s competed in and there’s always a chance he could actually pull off a win. At the very least, people will expect him to finish in the top three.

It would actually be a huge upset if he didn’t.

5) Niki Ferrell – Rising From The Ashes

Three years ago, Niki Ferrell was in a bad motorcycle accident that could have easily taken her life. Instead, it nearly took her leg. After months of struggling to recover from a broken tibia and fibula, she had a rod implanted into her leg and it was later coated in platinum due to bone decay. Doctors said she may never run or participate in sports the same way again.

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She took that as a challenge.

Niki completely knocked everyone’s expectations out of the water by returning to the international competition scene less than a year later. Sure, she didn’t place in the top ten but people were so amazed by her speedy recovery they quickly started considering her a favorite going into this year’s games.

While she still walks with a slight limp, there’s no denying that Niki has kept her status as an elite athlete. As one of the smaller competitors, she’ll have to use her quickness and agility to her advantage if she wants to make it far in this competition.

6) Olive Goldsmith – Athletic Prodigy

You could say Olive was born to compete. Literally. Her mother was a professional tennis player and her father was a former quarterback for the Greenbay Packers.

With genes like that you’d think there would be no way she wouldn’t win at least one CrossFit games, right?

In reality, it’s more impressive that she’s made it this far. A lot of people feel as if she doesn’t really deserve her spot. Not many people know this but Olive actually failed to qualify for the games the first two years they were held. Some people say she only got voted in because of her famous parents but that’s a rumor she vehemently denies.

Blood, sweat and tears are the only things that have gotten her this far. She’s competed in nearly every single California games since she first became eligible and has never failed to make it into the final ten.

She thinks this will be the year she actually makes it onto the podium. 7) Camille Ramez – The Quiet Type You really can’t hear much about Camille outside of the games themselves. No one really seems to know that much about her and people who have competed alongside her don’t have all that much to say. Even Google searches only bring up a bunch of information on her boyfriend, Ken.

She seems to be an average CrossFitter with above average ability. It’s worth noting that Camille has never placed below fifth in any California games she’s competed in. Considering how well she’s done and how little attention she gets from the media, she’s probably the one to beat this year. 8) Ken Uston – Camille’s Boyfriend, Businessman

Like Olive, it seems as if Ken has everything going against him. He isn’t young, he doesn’t have any professional training, he’s not a standout in any sports and he’s dating one of the competitors. You’d think all of that would mean he has no business even thinking about winning but that hasn’t stopped him before. Ken is no stranger to the games.

He qualified for the first ever California games and placed a respectable fourth. Since then, he’s always intended on winning when he could qualify again but Camille has always beaten him to it. He’s not jealous of his girlfriend, mind you. He’s just incredibly proud of her and would like her to win as opposed to anyone else. He thinks he could’ve won before but the other competitors were too ahead of their time. Now that everyone is more well-trained, he thinks it’s anyone’s game. Knowing Ken, he’s probably right.

He’s spent the last few years, training with Camille and making sure she’s got everything she needs to prepare. He funds most of her training but makes sure she pays him back a million times over by being the best partner during their workouts. Physical strength is only part of winning these games, mental strength is just as important and if anyone can keep Camille’s head in the game, it’s Ken. 9) Damián Herrera – The Young Gun

Damián is the youngest person to ever qualify for the California games and with good reason. The kid is an absolute beast. From what you’ve heard, he easily beat everyone else in his year when it came to field events or any other physical competition that involved strength. He isn’t just big for his age, he’s big full stop.

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