Rookie of the Year Haley Adams: Open Training, Goals, & Life

Rookie of the Year Haley Adams: Open Training, Goals, & Life

Haley Adams Height

Height is not only a physical characteristic but also a social one. People tend to look up to tall people because they think that they are better than them in some way. This is why many people like to compare themselves with others. However, there are several reasons why people may choose not to do so.

Some people may feel insecure or even ashamed when comparing themselves to someone taller than them. Others may just not have the confidence to do it. Still other people might prefer their height to remain constant rather than fluctuating all the time.

In any case, Haley Adams’ height does not vary much from what she says it is (5′ 8″). She herself considers her height stable enough, and she doesn’t see herself ever growing taller either. So if you want to know how tall Haley Adams is, then you’re going to have to ask her!

Rookie of the Year Haley Adams Height

I asked Haley Adams directly about her height. Here’s what she told me: “My height varies depending on which photo I’m looking at.” After a quick chuckle, she continued. “For instance, I was looking at the awards ceremony photo yesterday where I’m standing right in front of the camera.

I saw that and I thought to myself that I was 5’10” tall. But then I was looking at the team photo where my head is just slightly cut off at the bottom. I saw that, and I thought I was more like 6’5″ tall. I think it just depends on how the camera angles are and stuff. I know I’m definitely taller than average though. I go to the doctor every month, and he says I’m perfectly healthy for a girl my age. It’s too bad I had to miss the last appointment because of the big game and all. Hey!

Why are you writing all this down?

I’m trusting you!

Wait, are you from the school paper or something? Did they send you to ask me these questions?

Man, I can’t believe they’d do that to me. I can’t believe they don’t think I have anything better to do than answer stupid interviewer’s questions about my life. Whatever, if they say I have to do it then I will, but I’m still pretty pissed about it. And hey, if you repeat any of what I just said to anyone I will be very upset with you. I don’t like having my words played around with. I should have known better than to trust a reporter. Whatever, I’ve got to go. I’m supposed to be meeting with my coach about practice tonight. Coach Joe is a really nice guy. I hope he doesn’t get into too much trouble after he retires. He talks about that a lot lately, ever since his wife left him last year. I always try to remind him that he has us, his pride and joy, but it never seems to help. I feel bad for him. Maybe after I start winning a few more tournaments they’ll give him that championship retirement he deserves. See you later!”


You’re leaving already?

The interview wasn’t even over.”

What’s the point?

You aren’t going to write anything good about me anyway. I can tell. Everyone thinks I’m some sort of monster, but I’m not. I just want to play the game and win. That’s all. I think people forget that sometimes.

I’ll talk to you later, alright?

I’ve got to go meet with my coach. He doesn’t like it when I’m late. Later.

“Bye,” I say as she walks out the door.

Rookie of the Year Haley Adams: Open Training, Goals, & Life |

I can’t believe I just wasted my whole morning doing this for nothing! If I had known that she wasn’t even going to cooperate with me then I would have just not showed up. I’m not her slave after all. It’s bad enough I’m writing this article about her in the first place, but at least I’ll be able to say what I want about her.

She can’t censor me. I’ve got freedom of press on my side!

She is a pretty impressive girl though. She’s one of those professional video game players that make a living just by playing. That’s pretty cool. I didn’t know people really did that until I saw her playing in that bar a couple months ago.

So I asked her if she wanted to be interviewed and she agreed, thinking that I was with some big shot newspaper or something. Who knows what she’ll do when she finds out the truth though.

I pay the waiter for the coffee and pastry I didn’t even eat and head out the door. I feel like walking home today, so I start on my way.

The streets are pretty empty this time of day, which makes me a bit nervous, but I try not to let it bother me. Nothing bad is going to happen to me. As I’m walking though, I start to think about what Alice said earlier about not having many friends. I wonder if it’s true.

I can’t imagine not having a lot of friends. I know I talk to a lot of people in my classes and I say hello to people in the hall, but I don’t necessarily consider any of them friends. Come to think of it, I don’t really have any friends.

As soon as I realize this, I see a bus coming and hurry up to the nearest bus stop. I sit down on one of the chairs and sigh deeply. I’m really bored with nothing to do and no one to hang out with. Sometimes I wish I had weekend classes instead so I at least would have Friday and Saturday nights to look forward to.

It’s times like these that I really miss my older brother. He was two years older than me and was the ‘cool’ one in the family. He was always bringing friends over to the house and going out all the time. Up until he left for collage, he would constantly keep me company and play games with me.

He was the one who got me into gaming. We started out with simple puzzle games like chess and checkers, then we moved onto simple games like monopoly and risk, then we finally ended with the more complex RPG video games. He was really good at them. He would create his own characters and scenarios and let me play as one of his characters.

He would even make sure the encounters and events in the game were easy at first, so I could get the hang of everything. On my thirteenth birthday, he even created a whole new RPG just for me. It was supposed to be a gift, but I’ll never forget what happened that day.

He came into my room before I woke up and gave me a present. When I opened it, it was a brand new laptop. More than just a laptop though. It was my own personal gaming laptop.

Rookie of the Year Haley Adams: Open Training, Goals, & Life |

At first I didn’t know what to say, I just stared at it in silence. He eventually asked me if I liked it and I yelled “Oh my God, this is the best gift ever!” and gave him a big hug. He then suggested that I try it out, so I opened it up and turned it on.

One of the first things you see when you turn it on is a custom desktop background. It was an image of me and my older brother when we went to Disneyland a few years ago. I always thought that he looked so cool in that picture with his arm around me, smiling for the camera. Underneath the image it said “For Matt, Get your game on!”

The next thing I see is a list of games. Some I recognize, some I’ve never heard of, but they’re all marked as being owned by me. I start to think that he had put all the games that I had mentioned wanting to try on here, but then I come to a game called “Home Sweet Home” with a release date of a year after I had told him I wanted to try that game. Still, this was an awesome gift and I didn’t even have to say anything for him to get me a gift.

I quickly start up the game “Home Sweet Home” and see that the main character is a little kid, around my age. The graphics are really good, and it actually kind of reminds me of Toontown, the game I played on his laptop back when we went to Disney World. I start to think that the game might be kind of kiddy, but then I see that there are monsters later on in the game.

“I can’t wait to try this out!” I say out loud.

“You won’t have to wait too long, the game saves where you are and you can stop playing anytime you want. Whenever you return, you’ll be at the last spot where you turned it on.” He responds.

I’m a little surprised by this, there is no one in the room with me. Then I realize that he must have a microphone attached to his computer and it is listening to what is going on in here. I’m a little creeped out by this, but I don’t say anything because I don’t want him to stop what he is doing.

Who are you?”

I ask him.

He responds “What do you mean?”

I mean, what is your name? Who am I talking to?”

“Oh yeah, that. Sorry about that. I’m Eric.”

Eric. That’s a pretty normal name. Nothing out of the ordinary, fits his personality.

“OK, Eric.

Why did you give me all these games?”

He takes a second to respond, and when he does it’s not in words, it’s a voice recording. At first I think that he is recording some message for me, but it starts playing through the laptop’s speakers. I’m not sure why he is sending me a message or if it is something else entirely.

“Look under your bed.”

I’m starting to get scared.

Why would he tell me to do that? If there was something under there, wouldn’t I want to avoid looking under there?

Then I feel a breeze from under my bed.

I shouldn’t be able fight the curiosity any longer. Curiosity is going to be the death of me, at this point I just need to look under the flipping bed.

I slowly get up and check under my bed. There is a small black box with a smaller white cord coming out of it. I don’t quite know what it is, but from this distance it looks like it could be a phone.

Maybe he wants to talk to me?

I pick up the box and sit on my bed to inspect it. There isn’t a phone on the other end, instead there are several different buttons with numbers and letters on them. There is also a small screen that says “Eric Stormborn” on it. I try to press some of the numbers, but nothing happens when I do. It seems that you need to have something to program the numbers into before it will work.

Rookie of the Year Haley Adams: Open Training, Goals, & Life -

Something beeps on the box and the screen flashes on. It’s Eric. He is wearing the same thing he was wearing in the pictures on my wall and his room wall. It’s a bit unsettling seeing him move around, I don’t think I’ll get used to it.

“Hey, Zee.” He says with a smile. “I can’t wait for you to see what we are going to do today!”

I’m a little creeped out by this so I just try to ask some questions. “

What’s this?”

“It’s a videophone! We can see each other!

Isn’t that cool?”

How does it work?”

I ask.

“Magic!” He answers jokingly, but follows up with, “It uses wireless signals to send our images to each other. Now here, I’ll show you how it works.”

He picks up a small cube with some buttons on it and presses a few of them. He then holds it up to the camera on his laptop. On my end, my screen begins to get fuzzy for a second and then it shows Eric standing in a large workshop of some kind. It looks like it’s underground, but there are tall pillars holding up the ceiling every few feet.

I can’t see much past that, it just looks dark behind him.

Cool, right?

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