RX or Scaled: How Do I Decide

RX or Scaled: How Do I Decide

RX or Scaled: How Do I Decide?

The CrossFit Games are a competition where competitors compete against each other to see who is the fittest. The fitness level of the participants varies greatly from one year to another. Some may have been training for years while others may only started a few months ago. There are many different ways to train and it’s up to each individual competitor how they want to prepare themselves for their event.

Some people choose to do a “pure” strength based routine. They will perform no cardio whatsoever. Others might prefer to incorporate some form of cardiovascular exercise into their workouts. These types of athletes would include bodybuilders, powerlifters, wrestlers, etc.

However there are still others who like to focus on a specific type of conditioning such as speed work or endurance training.

These types of athletes would include distance runners, cyclists, swimmers and even triathletes!

CrossFit is all about variety. You don’t need to follow the same program every time you train. Each athlete needs to decide which type of training best suits them. The following sections will give you some ideas on how to choose your own routine and what type of events you’re interested in competing in at the next Games.

How To Choose A Routine For Your First CrossFit Event

There are several options when choosing a routine for your first event. You can follow a linear routine, block routine or even a daily undulating routine. A linear routine would start with a lower weight and rep range and gradually increase both as the weeks pass. This is known as a accumulation phase and is generally used at the beginning of a cycle when you don’t possess the fitness to lift heavy weights.

As the weeks pass you would begin to reach a point called “overreaching”. This is when you’ve been lifting for several weeks and your body needs a little rest to recover. This is known as the transition phase and can last anywhere from 1-3 weeks. After this phase you should begin to lift heavier weights in the repetition range you were performing before, this is known as the realization phase and can last anywhere from 1-6 weeks.

The block routine is similar to the linear routine but instead of gradually increasing weight each week it increases each day. The first week would be the lowest volume and intensity and each week it would be systematically increased until the athlete can’t lift as much weight as the week before. After 1-3 weeks of rest, the process begins again.

There is another routine known as the Daily Undulating Periodization (DUP) Routine. With this routine you perform a specific exercise at varying intensities throughout the week. For example, on Monday you might do five sets of five reps of squats at 85% of your one rep max, then on Wednesday you might do three sets of three reps at 70% and on Friday you might do four sets of four reps at 80%.

Athletes are also known to employ different routines for specific events they want to focus on. For example, endurance athletes may follow a high volume weight routine where they lift lighter weights for high repetitions. Power athletes may follow a low volume weight routine where they lift heavier weights for low repetitions.

Regardless of which routine you choose, there are some rules you should follow regardless of what type of event you’re training for. Don’t train to failure; this could lead to overtraining or even injury. Also never skip rest days and eat plenty of calories. Remember, your body needs everything it can get when training for the Games!

CrossFit and PEDs

RX or Scaled: How Do I Decide |

There is no governing body for CrossFit and as such there are few rules on what you can and can’t take. Most athletes tend to stick to supplements that are on the market and have a healthy reputation, but anything goes in CrossFit.

The most popular PEDs among Crossfitters are high protein drinks, creatine, and beta-alanine. These are all available to the general public and are sold in grocery stores and nutrition shops. Most Crossfitters tend to shy away from steroids and other hardcore drugs due to the fact that they’re illegal, but everything is on the table.

Most athletes will begin a cycle of supplements several months before a competition. They’ll constantly adjust the dosage and type of drugs until they find that winning combination. This process is very similar to regular athletes who have access to steroids. Since CrossFitters don’t tend to use anabolic steroids, their gains tend to be leaner and harder to come by.

The Future of the Sport

CrossFit is at an interesting place right now. It’s very popular in the US and is starting to make its way around the world. It gets a lot of attention during the Games from both fans and media, but that won’t last. Eventually interest will wain as it becomes just another fitness craze.

The 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games are underway and a new champion will be crowned.

Which path will your career in this sport take?

To continue your path to the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games you’ll need to increase your fan base and social media presence. Go back and follow the instructions for both if you haven’t already.

You’ve also been invited to compete in the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Invitational. This is a great chance to increase your profile, but you need to get yourself there first!

CrossFit can be a very lucrative career if you manage it correctly. You’ve seen plenty of CrossFitters release apps and programs that people buy from them, but you know you don’t want to go down that route. You’d rather focus on the fitness side of things, but you need capital to do so.

Cross your fingers that you’ll hit it big!

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Reebok Paycheck: $400

RX or Scaled: How Do I Decide -

You will now be able to choose one of two options.

This is the tenth and final installment of the Lifespan of a CrossFitter series. Thank you for reading!

You have a solid lead on the competition and it looks like you’re going to take the win! All you need to do is maintain your speed and technique. You can do this!

The finish line is in sight, but so is a big group of fans. You don’t think you can make it through without slowing down.

Should you take a different route along the edge or speed through the middle?

Choose your path!

Regardless of what you choose, this will be the last chapter in the series. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it!

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