Strengthening Your Posterior Chain

Strengthening Your Posterior Chain

The Posterior Chain: A Powerful Core Exercise Program For You!

If you are looking for a strong core, then you need to strengthen your posterior chain. The posterior chain is one of the most powerful muscles in your body. If you want to have a bigger chest, stronger back, and less back pain, then it’s time to start strengthening your posterior chain.

You may think that you already do a lot of core work, but if you really look at what you’re doing, it’s not enough. And even if you are doing some core training, it doesn’t include all the necessary movements. So let me show you how to build up your posterior chain with only 5 simple exercises.

These five exercises will give your body a much needed boost of strength and power!

Posterior Chain Exercises – 5 Simple Exercises To Build Up Your Power & Strength!

1) Lying Abdominal Crunch (Lie Down On Floor With Feet Stiffly Attached To Wall)

2) Side Plank (Holding One Arm At Each End Of The Side Platform, Place Other Hand Under Your Head And Lean Back Against The Wall As You Hold Both Arms Straight Out In Front Of You. Now Lift Your Body Up Off The Floor, Support Yourself With Hands, Hips, And Heels And Maintain A Long Line From Head To Heels)

3) Deadlifts (Bend Over With A Barbell Secure In Your Hands, Hips Should Be Slightly Behind Feet, Keep Head Up And Back Straight.

Hold Barbell Firmly As You Stand Up, Keeping It Tugged Deep Into Your Jaws. Now Bend Over And Slowly Lower The Barbell Back Down To The Floor, Try To Do This With Minimal Movement)

4) Chin Ups (Using A Secure Bar, Grip The Barbell With Hands Overlap, Hands Should Be Palms Facing You And Arms Should Hang Straight Down.

Now Using Your Hip And Back Muscles, Pull Your Body Up Until Your Chest Is Opposite The Barbell. Lower Body Back Down)

5) Plank (Lie Face Down On Floor, With Elbows Bending And Forearms Stretched Out At A Right Angle.

Raise Your Body Up, Supporting It On Hands And Toes, Make Sure Your Feet Are Stretched Back And Your Heels Aren’t Scratching The Floor. Now Try To Remain In This Position As Long As You Can)

These are the five most basic exercises to strengthen your posterior chain.

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Strengthening Your Posterior Chain

Strengthening your posterior chain is just as important to you as doing bench presses and squats for your anterior chains. Your posterior chain is just as important when it comes to training. If you’re not strengthening your entire body, then you’re not doing your body any justice at all.

The anterior muscles are the ones most people think about when weight lifting. They’re the ones people show off, the muscles that get most of the attention. But don’t overlook your posterior muscles, because they have just as much influence over your body as the anterior muscles do.

I really hope this article has helped you better understand the importance of strengthening your posterior chain and how to do it right.

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