The 2015 CrossFit Team Series: Are You Ready

The 2015 CrossFit Team Series: Are You Ready

The CrossFit Games are a competition that takes place every two years. They have been held since 2010 and they are organized by CrossFit Inc., which is a company owned by fitness guru Greg Glassman. There were three previous years where the event was called the “CrossFit Open” but it wasn’t until 2012 when it became known as the “Games”. The first year’s Games had some major changes compared to what happened last year. The events were smaller and there was no open division. Instead, there was a separate “Open” category for individuals and then another one for teams of six. These divisions were not determined by any sort of ranking system; rather, each athlete had to meet certain criteria before being considered eligible. For example, if an individual met all the qualifications, they would be placed into the Open Division. If they didn’t, they would be placed into the Open/Individual Division. Teams could still enter the Games regardless of their size or number of members.

In 2013, the Games were moved from Austin, Texas to Columbus, Ohio due to concerns over safety in Austin after several high profile deaths occurred at the 2011 and 2012 Games. The event was renamed to honor former Olympian Steve Prefontaine (1926-2012).

The new location also brought a change in the number of events. Instead of having one combined division, there were now individual men’s and women’s divisions.

In 2015, the Games will be held once more in California. The competitors will move back to the University of California at the Sacramento campus where they stayed in 2010 and 2011.

The fitness test for the 2015 Open begins on February 27th; sign-ups begin on February 17th. The Open is a five week test of fitness that determines the top 50 men and women from each country as well as each of the 34 countries that are represented by at least one citizen in the Games. These 100 individuals will qualify for the Games, which will have more than 300 athletes.

The Crossfit Team Series: Are You Ready?

is an 8-week long competition between teams of five. It begins on May 6th and ends on June 18th. In order to qualify, a team must have four members from the same affiliate. There are 60 teams this year and they are separated into six different regions: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Mexico/Central America, and the United States. Each team will compete in a scheduled event each week; the team’s score is the sum of the total reps of each member at that event. The events are all different every week and they are not announced until shortly before they begin. Each member of the team can participate in any of the events, though teams are limited to only 4 members competing at one time, so some strategy is involved in deciding who will do what.

In terms of judging, video is used for all events and must be viewable online. For the first time, there will be a fans choice award; fans can vote online for their favorite team after each event.

The voting is meant to encourage team interaction across social media.

The Crossfit Games: The annual Crossfit competition has been renamed and restructured this year. It will now be known as the “Crossfit Championship” and is made up of three different stages.

The Open, which was covered previously, determines the top 100 male and female competitors in each region as well as worldwide.

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