The 5 Toughest Movements in CrossFit to Master

The 5 Toughest Movements in CrossFit to Master

The 5 Toughest Movement in CrossFit to Master: The Murph

If you are reading this then you have probably heard of the murphy bed challenge. If not, it’s a competition where participants must sleep on a mattress provided by another participant until they reach $1,000 or complete some other goal. The first person to do so wins $100. There are many variations of the murphy bed challenge such as the “Murph Challenge” which involves sleeping on a couch instead of a bed.

In the past there were several attempts at completing the murphy bed challenge. Some of them involved physical activity such as running around a track while others required mental preparation such as writing down every word in a book before doing so. However, none of these challenges could compare with the current version that was recently launched by CrossFit Games competitor Matt Fitzgerald (who goes by the name “Fitzy” online).

On May 10th, 2016, Fitzgerald completed the Murph Challenge by sleeping on a couch for 30 hours straight. He did this without any food or water. His only source of energy came from his mind and willpower. To put things into perspective, Fitzgerald had previously attempted the Murph Challenge twice before but failed both times due to exhaustion and hunger. In fact, he didn’t even eat breakfast that morning because he felt too hungry after failing the previous attempt!

This was a challenge like no other.

Matt’s determination to succeed was so great that he didn’t even use the restroom! It is common knowledge that staying hydrated is important for maintaining energy levels but it appears that Matt’s desire to win was even stronger than his need to urinate. In fact, he posted a video on his instagram account stating that he had held in his urine for up to 12 hours at a time in the past!

Despite many warnings from his doctors, Matt stayed true to himself and completed the challenge. While some people may be content with simply laying on a couch until they reach their $1,000 fundraising goal, Matt decided to do something that nobody else was willing to do: donate $5,000 of his own money to the CrossFit Foundation!

Not only that but he also made sure to do it during an Olympic Weightlifting competition being held in his city! While other weightlifters were preparing themselves for competition, Matt was fulfilling his dream to help others. After all was said and done, he ended up raising $8,000 for the CrossFit Foundation!

Congratulations to Matt “Fitzy” on an amazing accomplishment! We are so proud of you and the dedication that you showed in making this challenge a reality. We salute you and your efforts to help make the world a better place.

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