The CrossFit Games Open: Having Fun With the Custom Leaderboard

The CrossFit Games Open: Having Fun With the Custom Leaderboard

The CrossFit Games Open: Having Fun With the Custom Leaderboard

by Matt Fitzgerald

What Is A Custom Leaderboard?

A custom leader board is a list of athletes or teams with their personal records. For example, it could include the top 10 men’s competitors from your local gym. These lists are often used to determine which athlete will compete at a particular event, such as the regional competition or national championship.

Why Use One?

Custom leader boards allow you to organize events quickly and easily. You don’t have to worry about having to make decisions based on who is participating; instead, you can simply add up all the numbers and see who has the most points. If you’re looking for a way to keep track of how many reps each athlete did during a workout, then using a custom leader board makes sense.

How Do They Work?

You’ll need a few things to create a custom leader board. First, you’ll need some sort of database system that stores all the data you want to display on your leaderboard. Second, you’ll need software that allows you to customize the look and feel of your leaderboard. Third, you’ll need some sort of programming skills so that you can program your own code into the software. If you don’t have any of these three things, you won’t be able to create a custom leaderboard.

The CrossFit Open Leaderboard

If you still aren’t convinced that a custom leader board is for you, then you can still use the official CrossFit open leaderboard by simply visiting their website. The leader board is incredibly easy to use; all you need is your athlete number, which is usually a 5-digit number that you can find on your gym’s custom certificate. If your gym doesn’t have one of these certificates, then ask an owner or manager for your athlete number. After typing in your number, you should be able to see all the events that you’ve participated in so far this year. You can choose to either watch them or compare yourself to other athletes.

For each event, you’ll be able to see how you rank in your age group. If you don’t have an athlete number, you can easily sign up for one, it’s free after all.

What Are The Drawbacks?

The main drawback of the official CrossFit open leaderboard is that you’re limited to only 10 different workouts per year. This means that if you try to compete in more than 10 events, you won’t be able to access the leader board. You can, however, use the leader board for more than one year, so you won’t have to start over from square one every time a new year begins.

Who Is This For?

If you’re a casual athlete who doesn’t want to put too much time into tracking your progress or if you’re new to CrossFit and aren’t sure if you want to make a commitment to this sport, then the official leader board is a great place to start. It’s easy to use and it doesn’t require any extra work on your part.

The Open Individual Female Leaderboard, Provided by Rogue

What Is The Open?

If you don’t know what the CrossFit open is or how it works, then you’ve probably got a lot of catching up to do! The open is a yearly competition that takes place during the months of March and April. It usually consists of five to seven different workouts that are released at least a week apart. These workouts are released on the CrossFit website and your results get tracked on the website as well. If you’ve never done the open before, then your results from this year will be used as a baseline for future competitions.

Why Is There An Open?

The goal of the open is to find the fittest man and woman in each region around the world. Every region has its own qualifying rounds to see who will move on to the games. These games are a much more intense experience, but if you get through, you have the chance to win even more money and other prizes.

How Do I Sign Up?

First of all, you’ll need to sign up on the CrossFit website. Be sure to actually create an account and fill out all the personal information, including your fitness level and previous athletic achievements. These details will help other athletes and yourself get a better gauge on your skill level compared to others. After you’ve done that, you’ll need to pick which region you want to compete in. The regions are all over the world and are separated by country. This is so that the regional competitions are all roughly equal in terms of competition. Pick the one you think you have the best chance of winning in.

How Is The Open Structured?

From what we know so far, the open this year will consist of five workouts released over a five week period. The first week will be released on March 6th and the last week will end on April 6th. Each week, you’ll have four different workouts to choose from, all of which will be released at the same time. You only need to choose one and once you’ve completed it, you’ll submit your result online. Only one submission per person per week is allowed.

Every year changes the open format slightly, but we can expect to see a mixture of strength and aerobic workouts similar to those from previous years. Some examples are:

“Bike”, where you ride a stationary bike for a certain length of time, or “Rowing”, where you see how fast you can row a certain distance. These would be categorized as aerobic workouts.

Other common ones are:

“Clean and Jerk”, which is how much weight you can lift over your head, or “Deadlift”, which is how much weight you can pick up off the floor. These are categorized as strength workouts.

Hitting certain quotas for each workout will award you with a certain number of points.

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