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The Jerk

The Jerk Trailer: A Hate Video?

It’s been a week since the release of the “Jerk” video and it seems like there are many reactions from people. Some say that it was funny, some don’t see any humor in it at all, while others think that the whole thing is just a hate video. So let us try to understand what exactly happened with this video. Let’s start with the title itself.

What does the word “jerk” mean? Why did they choose this name for their video? Is it because it sounds cool or something else?

There are many reasons why the creators of the video chose such a name. First of all, “jerky” means “to eat”. So if someone is eating jerky, then he/she is probably doing something disgusting. Also, the word “jerk” comes from the English language meaning to be stupid or stupidly violent. Therefore, the creator of the video wanted to make a video that would show how stupid and violent people can be when they’re angry.

However, the main reason why they chose this name is because it’s very similar to another popular term used by racists: “nigger.” Niggardly means “stupid” in Black English. Thus, it means that the person making this video is not black enough to have a good opinion about blacks.

This is why this video has all the characteristics of a hate video: it’s stupid, violent and directed against a group of people (in this case, the black community). In fact, such videos are being used by the Alt-Right movement to incite violence against groups they hate. There is strong evidence that they are connected to this video, and despite their denials, the reasons why they are doing so are apparent.

Of course, it is perfectly fine to have an opinion about a community and even criticize it. But the way the people in this video go about their attack on black people shows a lot of ignorance and immaturity. They are not serious, they are not funny and they do more harm than good.

Will they stop making these awful videos?

Probably not. They will continue to make them until someone makes them stop.

These kinds of “jerk” videos are not the product of an Alt-Right member who wants to spread hate. It is the product of someone who has a lot of hate in them, and they want to share that with everyone else. This is just another opportunity to get their views out there, and unfortunately for everyone else, people eat it up.

The “jerk” video is the perfect example of how not to react to people who are “less than you.” It is a shining beacon of immaturity and hatred. Instead of trying to fix the issues that plague our society, the creator of this video focused all their energy on attacking a community they don’t like. If your first instinct is to make a video calling people “jerk” instead of looking for a meaningful solution, you’re part of the problem.

The point of this hate video isn’t to spread hate, it’s to stop it. Let’s all work together to eliminate the ignorance displayed in this video.

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