The Open’s New Scaled Division: 7 Reasons to Sign-up Even If You Don’t Care About Competing

The Open’s New Scaled Division: 7 Reasons to Sign-up Even If You Don’t Care About Competing

Why Should I Join?

The Open is one of the most competitive fitness competitions in the world. Competitors are expected to train hard and compete at their best every time they step into the ring.

While there are many reasons why someone might want to join, it all boils down to a simple question: “What do I have left over from my previous training?”

You could join because you’re interested in competing or you just like the idea of being part of something bigger than yourself. Either way, joining The Open will give you access to some of the best athletes in the world. They’ll be able to teach you everything they’ve learned over years of competition and help guide your training program accordingly.

If this sounds interesting to you, then read on!

How Does The Open Work?

Competitors will sign up for a division based on their current level of fitness. There are three divisions: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. As your fitness level improves, you can move up to a more demanding division.

Most of the time will be spent training for the events. By the time the Open comes around, you’ll be ready to crush the competition! You can find a schedule for your training here. It’s based on your division and personalized to your current level of fitness.

The goal here is to improve your weaknesses and get you ready to crush the Open!

Who Can Join?

Anyone who is over the age of 18 and is currently living in the United States or Canada can join. This includes the U.S. territories such as Puerto Rico and Guam, as well as Canada, Greenland, and Mexico. If you do not live in one of these places, you can still join The Open so long as you are part of the military (active or veteran) or a first responder such as a police officer or firefighter.

What Do I Need?

All you need to join is access to the Internet and a desire to be part of something greater than yourself. All the equipment you will need for the Open can be found at your local sporting goods store or online. The only thing you really need is a weightlifting program and there are plenty of free resources online if you want to create your own.

That’s it! Get out there and join The Open.

What Is The Crossfit Scaling Chart?

Quite simply, it’s a set of instructions (and a graph) that tells you what weight to lift for a given exercise at a given time. It is designed to help people of all skill levels, from beginners to elite athletes, to make sure that they are pushing themselves as hard as they can without getting hurt in the process. The program is called the Open because it lasts for almost a full year (January 1st-December 31st), with the last week being a slice off time where you get to rest before finding out how well you did.

Because this program has events for people of all skill levels, it needs to accommodate for all of those skill levels. This is where scaling comes in. As a beginner the weights will be lighter and the range of motion narrower. An elite athlete will do the exact opposite.

Check out the Crossfit scaling chart below:

What Is A Fran?

There are a whole bunch of different workouts (Or “Activities”) you can participate in. These are not only for the Open but also for things like the Crossfit Games, which is a separate competition with its own set of events. We’ll get to the events a little later on in this guide.

A lot of these workouts are named after people, either people who designed them or people who are well known in the Crossfit community. One of the most famous is Fran (Fran), which is a workout consisting of thrusters and pull-ups. It’s meant to test your overall fitness and skills and is one of the most common benchmarks people aim to complete.

What Are The Different Divisions?

The sport of Crossfit is made up of not just elite athletes but also everyday people. Everyone from military personnel to your grandmother might partake in it and that’s a big part of its appeal.

The different divisions were introduced to help account for the wide variety of skill levels people have when it comes to Crossfit. These range from beginner (referred to as “Scaled”) all the way up to elite (referred to as “Open”).

In order to be in a division, you must pass a test in that division. For example, in order to be an elite athlete you must be able to complete an 800m run in 2 minutes or less, deadlift 300lbs or more, and do at least one pull-up. Check out the chart below to see which division is right for you:

Crossfit has nine different divisions, each with its own scale of difficulty. Find out what division you belong in!

What Is The Crossfit Open?

Every year, Crossfit holds a competition called the Open. It lasts for five weeks and pits people from around the world against each other to see who is the fittest.

Anyone can sign up and you do not have to be a Crossfit member to participate. In fact, most people who compete are not members. You can find gyms all over the world that will allow you to participate in their local competition.

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