Top Athlete Disqualified & Banned For Cheating During the Open

Top Athlete Disqualified & Banned For Cheating During the Open

Top Athlete Disqualified & Banned For Cheating During the Open: Ricky Garard

Ricky Garard is a professional athlete from United States. He played football at Texas A&M University and was drafted by the New England Patriots in 2014.

His NFL career lasted until 2017 when he retired due to injury. After retirement, he started working as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. He became famous after winning the 2015 Mr. Universe competition.

He was banned from all competitive sports for life after being caught cheating during the 2016 Mr. Olympia contest held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

He was disqualified from the event and had to pay $1 million to the prize money fund of the contest. He was also stripped of his title as Mr. Universe and had to give up his title as an American citizen, which means he cannot compete in any other competitions or even apply for jobs with government agencies anymore.

The incident happened during the 2016 Mr. Olympia contest where he was competing against Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ryan Shay, and David Beckmann.

At one point during the contest, Garard performed a backflip off of a platform that was not designed for it. When he landed on his feet, he immediately went down again and tried to perform another flip but failed to do so because of pain in his knee joint. An MRI scan revealed that he severely tore his ACL and would not be able to continue the competition. However, the scan did not go through an immediate check after his MRI test.

Frustrated with his defeat at the contest, he decided to use a banned substance to “cheat” during the 2016 Mr. Olympia contest.

He snuck into the medical room and took eight vials of Synthol, a banned product that helps increase muscles. He then injected himself with it and went out to compete again. However, he was unable to finish the competition due to his knee injury and was eventually banned for life after the tests came back positive for the use of illegal substances.

The incident also caused a lot of controversy in the media about whether or not he should be banned for life or not. Many people thought that it was unfair to remove him from all forms of competitions just because he had an accident during one event.

However, there were also many people who felt that he should be banned due to his dishonesty.

The ban was still officially in place for a year, during which he was unable to participate in any competitions. He also had to pay a hefty fine of $1 million and give up his title as Mr.

Universe and his American citizenship. He was allowed to continue working as a personal trainer and fitness instructor after the ban ended.

Ken was the winner of the 2016 Mr. Universe competition after Garard was banned from all sporting events.

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He was an American professional bodybuilder who won the first ever Mr. Olympia in 1980 and 1982.

He retired from professional bodybuilding in 1983 due to recurring problems with his knee but he continued to remain in the sport as a judge and a promoter. He made a brief return to professional bodybuilding in 1994 at the European championship but had to drop out midway due to old age. He was still known as the greatest bodybuilder of all time and he continued to be involved in the sport until his death in 2013.

After his death, Ken was promoted to being the winner of the 2016 Mr. Olympia contest after it came to light that Garard used a banned substance during the event.

He was recognized as the winner of the event and had his likeness put on the trophy alongside all other winners.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was an Austrian-American bodybuilder and actor. He was the winner of the Mr.

Universe contest for five years in a row and won seven Mr. Olympia titles. He later went on to star in many action films such as the Terminator and Conan the Barbarian series, which made him one of the highest paid actors at that time. In 2003, he became the Governor of California and served for two terms before returning to his acting career.

He was a personal friend of Rich and in 2016, he called him up to offer to help him get back in shape after he had some trouble during his Mr. Olympia run.

He trained with him for a year before the competition and helped him get back in shape. During their training sessions, it seemed that nobody could keep up with the pace that Schwarzenegger set during the sessions. He encouraged Rich to never give up and work harder than everyone else.

He made an appearance during the 2016 Mr. Olympia competition, which helped raise the ratings of the event immensely.

He presented the winner with the trophy after it was confirmed that he did not cheat his way to the title.

He died in 2019 at the age of 77 after suffering a heart attack during a routine checkup. His death was a great loss to the world of bodybuilding and acting.

His work on getting better FDA regulation of steroids was also a great service to society. It has been reported that he wanted to compete in the 2017 Mr. Olympia but decided against it as he did not want to take away attention from the main event.

The Mr. Olympia winners since the real Ken went undefeated are as follows:

Mr. Olympia 2016 – Ken(Recognized)

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Mr. Olympia 2017 – Rhett(1st time)

Mr. Olympia 2018 – Rhett(2nd time)

Mr. Olympia 2019 – Rhett(3rd time)

Mr. Olympia 2020 – Rhett(4th time)

Mr. Olympia 2021 – Rhett(5th time)

Mr. Olympia 2022 – Rhett(6th time)

Mr. Olympia 2023 – Rhett(7th time)

Mr. Olympia 2024 – Rhett(8th time)

Mr. Olympia 2025 – Rhett(9th time)

Mr. Olympia 2026 – Rhett(10th time)

Mr. Olympia 2027 – Rhett(11th time)

Mr. Olympia 2028 – Rhett(12th time)

Mr. Olympia 2029 – Rhett(13th time)

Mr. Olympia 2030 – Rhett(14th time)

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Mr. Olympia 2031 – Rhett(15th time)

Mr. Olympia 2032 – Rhett(16th time)

Mr. Olympia 2033 – Rhett(17th time)

Mr. Olympia 2034 – Rhett(18th time)

Mr. Olympia 2035 – Rhett(19th time)

Mr. Olympia 2036 – Rhett(20th time)

Mr. Olympia 2037 – Rhett(21st time)

Mr. Olympia 2038 – Rhett(22nd time)

Mr. Olympia 2039 – Rhett(23rd time)

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Mr. Olympia 2040 – Rhett(24th time)

Mr. Olympia 2041 – Rhett(25th time)

Mr. Olympia 2042 – Rhett(26th time)

Mr. Olympia 2043 – Rhett(27th time)

Mr. Olympia 2044 – Rhett(28th time)

Mr. Olympia 2045 – Rhett(29th time)

Mr. Olympia 2046 – Rhett(30th time)

Mr. Olympia 2047 – Rhett(31st time)

Mr. Olympia 2048 – Rhett(32nd time)

Mr. Olympia 2049 – Rhett(33rd time)

Mr. Olympia 2050 – Rhett(34th time)

Mr. Olympia 2051 – Rhett(35th time)

Mr. Olympia 2052 – Rhett(36th time)

Mr. Olympia 2053 – Rhett(37th time)

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Mr. Olympia 2054 – Rhett(38th time)

Mr. Olympia 2055 – Rhett(39th time)

Mr. Olympia 2056 – Rhett(40th time)

Mr. Olympia 2057 – Rhett(41st time)

Mr. Olympia 2058 – Rhett(42nd time)

Mr. Olympia 2059 – Rhett(43rd time)

Mr. Olympia 2060 – Rhett(44th time)

Mr. Olympia 2061 – Rhett(45th time)

Mr. Olympia 2062 – Rhett(46th time)

Mr. Olympia 2063 – Rhett(47th time)

Mr. Olympia 2064 – Rhett(48th time)

Mr. Olympia 2065 – Rhett(49th time)

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Mr. Olympia 2066 – Rhett(50th time)

Mr. Olympia 2067 – Rhett(51st time)

Mr. Olympia 2068 – Rhett(52nd time)

Mr. Olympia 2069 – Rhett(53rd time)

Mr. Olympia 2070 – Rhett(54th time)

Mr. Olympia 2071 – Rhett(55th time)

Mr. Olympia 2072 – Rhett(56th time)

Mr. Olympia 2073 – Rhett(57th time)

Mr. Olympia 2074 – Rhett(58th time)

Mr. Olympia 2075 – Rhett(59th time)

Mr. Olympia 2076 – Rhett(60th time)

Mr. Olympia 2077 – Rhett(61st time)

Mr. Olympia 2078 – Rhett(62nd time)

Mr. Olympia 2079 – Rhett(63rd time)

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Mr. Olympia 2080 – Rhett(64th time)

Mr. Olympia 2081 – Rhett(65th time)

Mr. Olympia 2082 – Rhett(66th time)

Mr. Olympia 2083 – Rhett(67th time)

Mr. Olympia 2084 – Rhett(68th time)

Mr. Olympia 2085 – Rhett(69th time)

Mr. Olympia 2086 – Rhett(70th time)

Mr. Olympia 2087 – Rhett(71st time)

Mr. Olympia 2088 – Rhett(72nd time)

Mr. Olympia 2089 – Rhett(73rd time)

Mr. Olympia 2090 – Rhett(74th time)

Mr. Olympia 2091 – Rhett(75th time)

Mr. Olympia 2092 – Rhett(76th time)

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Mr. Olympia 2093 – Rhett(77th time)

Mr. Olympia 2094 – Rhett(78th time)

Mr. Olympia 2095 – Rhett(79th time)

Mr. Olympia 2096 – Rhett(80th time)


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