Video: An 80-Year-Old Kenny Leverich Pranks Muscle Beach

Video: An 80-Year-Old Kenny Leverich Pranks Muscle Beach

Kenny Leverich was born in 1928. He started his career at age 19 as a reporter for the St Louis Post Dispatch newspaper. After several years he moved to New York City where he worked as a sports writer for the Daily News and other newspapers. During World War II, he served with the U.S Army Signal Corps and later became a radio announcer during the Korean conflict. He then went back to journalism.

In 1972, he published his first book entitled “The Ultimate Athlete”. This book sold over 100,000 copies and was translated into many languages. In 1975, he wrote another book titled “How To Be A Better Bodybuilder” which sold over 200,000 copies.

These books were very popular among bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts alike. His most recent work is called “Athletic Training For Men And Women” (1984).

He has been interviewed numerous times on television and radio programs. He is one of the most well known fitness experts in America today.

Leverich’s name has become synonymous with strength training, fitness, bodybuilding, and all things related to physical health. His books have sold millions of copies worldwide and are still being read by thousands upon thousands of readers every day. Many people consider him a role model for how they should live their lives in general.

Young and old alike all seek his advice on how to improve their physical condition and live a happier healthier life.

Kenny is a living testament that anyone can get into great shape no matter what your age. His impressive strength and physique has astounded many people. He has more energy than most men half his age.

He is a true inspiration to anyone who aspires to lead a healthy lifestyle and achieve great things in life.

Kenny’s advice to his readers is just what you’d expect from a no-nonsense type of guy. He tells it like it is and gives you the straight facts about health and fitness. His views on diet, nutrition, exercise, and supplements are right on target.

You won’t get any trendy or exotic exercise routines from him. What you will get is tried and true methods that work.

He believes you should get the most out of your body that you can. He pushes you to the limit to achieve your maximum potential in all things. This means eating the right foods, getting plenty of rest, drinking lots of water, and doing the best exercises for your particular body type.

He doesn’t believe in gimmicks or shortcuts and is a strong proponent of “Hard Work” over anything else.

Kenny believes that everyone should take responsibility for their own health and fitness. He has little patience for people who are lazy or think they’re too old to do anything about their weight or health. He tells people to get off their couches and get with it!

If you need inspiration just reading one of his books is sure to give you the motivation to change your life.

Video: An 80-Year-Old Kenny Leverich Pranks Muscle Beach at

Kenny’s unique outlook on life has made him into somewhat of a celebrity in the fitness world. His no non-sense approach and “in your face” demeanor is sure to either endear him to you or turn you off. Either way, there’s no denying the man knows his stuff and has the results to prove it.

He’s helped to revolutionize the way America views fitness and healthy lifestyles. And he certainly has had a major impact on my own life as well. I doubt that I would have taken up weight training if it hadn’t been for his books.

They encouraged me to start lifting and also motivated me to push myself harder in whatever I do.

Kenny will always have a special place in my heart. I don’t think I could ever thank him enough for all he’s done just by writing this article.

So, from one life-long fan to another, THANK YOU Kenny! You’re the man and you’ve certainly helped to change mine (and possibly others) life.

Enough with the mushy stuff. Let’s get to the good stuff!

In this article, I’m going to be specifically looking at the major muscle groups of the upper body and how you can train those groups with free weights and bodyweight exercises.

Before we begin, here are a few tips for beginners:

1. Warm Up First: It’s very important that you get your blood flowing and your muscles warm before starting your workout.

Even though we’re just training the upper body in this article, you can certainly do a full body warm-up to get your entire body ready for lifting. Here’s a nice full body warm-up you can try.

2. Get a Spotter: It’s always a good idea to get a spotter when bench pressing.

If you train at home, definitely get one. Even if you train in a commercial gym, it never hurts to ask someone if they’ll spot for you. Here’s a good article I wrote on the importance of spotters.

Video: An 80-Year-Old Kenny Leverich Pranks Muscle Beach - Image

3. Go Slow: I’m sure I don’t have to tell you this, but when you start lifting heavy weights, you’ll want to go slow on the way down and the way up.

Don’t just heave the weight up or drop it. This will not only help you prevent injury but will allow you to get a better contraction of the muscle as well.

4. Don’t Forget to Breathe: I can’t tell you how many times I see people holding their breath while lifting.

This is very dangerous because you may pass out and fall off of something and hurt yourself. Always breathe out as you contract a muscle and breathe in as you release the contraction.

5. Wear the Right Gear: This one is pretty obvious.

Don’t bench press without a bench shirt or squat in sneakers. I think you get the idea.

6. Don’t Be a Hero: It takes awhile to build up strength in the muscles and joints.

Don’t try to lift more weight that you’re capable of. You’ll either injure yourself or not make any progress because you’re not challenging your muscles properly.

These are just a few tips to keep in mind for your first couple of months. I think you’ll find that weight training is very safe if you pay attention to your body and only do what it allows.

Let’s get to the good stuff…


I’m going to give you three different workouts to choose from in order to hit all of the major muscles in the upper body. Your first step will be to decide whether you want to focus on free weight exercises, machine exercises or a combination of both.


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