Video: How to Teach the Split Jerk

Video: How to Teach the Split Jerk

Video: How to Teach the Split Jerk

Split jerks are one of the most effective exercises for building strength and power. They are also very useful for improving your overall conditioning. A good split jerk requires proper technique, but it’s not difficult to learn if you have some experience with other lifts or bodyweight training. You don’t need any special equipment; all you really need is a bench press rack and a couple of dumbbells (or even just a bar).

A split jerk consists of performing two separate movements at the same time. One movement involves pulling yourself up off the floor while the other involves pushing yourself back down from the top position. While there are many variations on how to perform a split jerk, they all involve performing both movements simultaneously. There are three main types of splits: front lever, side lever and full split.

Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at each one in turn!

Front Lever Split Jerk

The front lever split jerk is probably the simplest and most common type of split jerk. It consists of performing a front lever with one hand while using the opposite arm to pull yourself up off the ground. The key to mastering this exercise is having control over both arms throughout the whole movement. If you lose grip on either end of your dumbbell, then you’re going nowhere fast!

To start out, hold onto something solid like a wall or a pole. Once you feel comfortable, then you can move on to a bench or another piece of equipment.

For this movement, you want to start out in a front lever hold at the very beginning. From here, you’re going to pull yourself up with one hand while using your other arm to push your body forward and up off the ground. You don’t have to throw the dumbbell; you just need to get it up over your head. This is enough to complete the movement.

It’s important to note that your feet should be above your head and not touching the ground when you finish this exercise. You can perform this movement slowly or quickly depending on your skill level.

Front lever split jerks force you to learn how to coordinate your movements as well as increase the strength and endurance in your core, chest and arms.

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