Video: Mat Fraser Sets a New Event Record In Regional Event 1

Video: Mat Fraser Sets a New Event Record In Regional Event 1

The event was held at the local gymnasium in the town of Sissonville, Ohio. Mat Fraser had been training for months with the goal of breaking a world record. The previous record stood at 8 minutes and 38 seconds. His time was 9 minutes and 5 seconds, which made him the first person ever to break that mark!

Fraser’s time was so good that it would have likely earned him a spot in the national finals if he hadn’t broken his own record.

In order to qualify for the regional finals, Fraser needed to beat two other competitors who were both competing under their own records. He did just that, beating them both by almost half a minute each. In fact, he only lost one second because of a mechanical problem with his watch during the last lap of the race.

Afterwards, he went back to his hotel room where he was greeted by a group of reporters from all over the country. They wanted to hear what he thought about his performance. “I think I’m going to need some sleep,” he told them. “You guys are going to want me here tomorrow.”


they asked incredulously. “

What do you mean? You’re not even sure if you’ll make it through tomorrow?”

Fraser just smiled.

The next day, the final event of the competition took place. At this point, most of the people who signed up for the Open are too exhausted to continue competing. The only people left are the elite: those who set new records in their events or came close.

Fraser is one of only eight people who will be competing in the final event: the 5k cross country run. These competitors have all demonstrated their physical superiority in some way. The other seven are already standing by the starting line when he arrives. Most look just as tired as he feels, but a few, like Mat, seem completely unfazed.

He gives them all a nod and adjusts his grip on the spear he’s chosen to use for the run.

The announcer calls for quiet and begins his speech. “Welcome, one and all, to the final event of this year’s Open. For those of you just joining us, these eight men have all demonstrated their physical prowess and achieved a new personal record in at least one of today’s events. Their times have ensured their places in tonight’s final.

They are the elite of this year’s competitors.”

He points to each of the eight men in turn as he says their names. “We have Mathew Fraser, Cole Medler, James Foster, Davin Sharma, Ken Blose, Peter Breakstone, Mikhail Spivakovsky and Hank Marlow.” He then points to the path ahead of them. “Now all that’s left is for them to compete in the 5k cross country run.

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The first one to finish wins. Good luck to you all.” He steps out of the way to allow the runners room to pass and then follows along the path, waiting to start the timers until they are all ready.

The men begin jogging slowly towards the path and then, as if more in response to some unspoken command than any warning from the starter, they break into a run. Hank takes the lead almost immediately, followed closely by Peter. Mikhail is a few paces behind them in third and Cole, Ken, Davin and Mat are all more or less evenly spaced behind him. Fraser is in eighth place, at least thirty or forty metres behind the leader.

By the time they have run the first kilometre Hank has opened up a solid lead over Peter, with Mikhail now in third. The rest of the runners are strung out behind them.

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