Wodapalooza Elite Teams Announced

Wodapalooza Elite Teams Announced

Wodapalooza Elite Teams Announced

The WODA (World Wide Dance Association) announced their elite teams which will compete at the World Championship in Las Vegas from July 29th – August 3rd, 2017. There are four divisions: Professional, Amateur, Junior and Women’s division. The professional division includes some of the best dancers around the world with some of them having won national championships or even world championship titles. These professionals have been selected based on their skills and experience in the sport. They perform all over the world and travel extensively to competitions.

They also train regularly and work hard to improve themselves.

The amateur division consists of talented young dancers who are just starting out in dance. Some of these young dancers have already performed at international competitions and they are eager to show off their talents. These dancers tend to be less experienced but they still put on a good performance because it is fun!

The junior division features many talented children and teenagers between the ages of 8-18 years old. They love to dance and have great enthusiasm towards it. Some of these dancers will likely make it big in the future because they are so talented. Many of them have already participated in national and international competitions and won numerous awards for their performances.

The women’s division is for all the ladies out there who would like to take part in the world championships. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional, an amateur or a beginner, everyone is welcome to join! The ladies’ division is a great way to build camaraderie and make new friends. It is also a great way for women to stay fit, have fun and keep up their health.

The competition will feature two types of events: the preliminaries and the final event. The first round, known as the preliminaries, will feature all the dancers who have registered for the competition (excluding the professional division). The dancers will be divided into different groups according to their skill levels. They will all be judged and the top ten highest scoring dancers from each group will go on to the finals. The rest of the dancers who did not make it to the finals will still have a chance to perform at an event known as the showcase.

The finals will feature only the best dancers from the preliminaries. They will be scored based on their performance skills, artistry, presentation and technique. The scores from all the judges will be tallied and the top three dancers with the highest total score will receive awards. These awards include: a trophy for first place, a medal for second place and a ribbon for third place. All the dancers who participated in the finals will be invited to perform at the showcase.


The Wodapalooza is an exciting event that features some of the best dancers from around the world. Since the competition started in the year 2000, it has become more and more popular each passing year. Last year’s competition in New York was a huge success with thousands of enthusiastic fans turning up to watch.

There are several events that take place during a Wodapalooza. The competition has four major divisions including: amateur, junior, women and professional. The men’s division is further subdivided into three more categories: group events, hip-hop and dance techniques. The women’s division features five categories: group events, hip-hop, dance techniques, lyrical and artistic. Professional dancers often participate in all seven categories while amateur dancers usually only participate in events that are similar to their skill level.

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The preliminaries consist of two rounds. The first round is called the dance-off and it features all the amateur dancers who have registered for the competition. They are divided into four groups and they each get to perform for a minute or less. The judges then choose a winner for each dance-off and the winners from each group get to advance to the next round. The second round is similar to the first except that it features winners from the four previous dance-offs.

The winners of the second round get to compete in the finals!

The competition is not all about winning though, it is about having fun while letting your inner dancer come out to play. Wodapalooza also features a variety of social events such as the Opening Night Gala and the Closing Night Party. There are also several trade shows and exhibitions where you can look at all the latest dance apparel and equipment.

As you get closer to the big event, you realize that you will need a partner if you want to compete in the amateur division. It would be great to have a partner with dance experience but partner dancing is pretty easy to learn. It’s not like tennis where you have to have someone who is good at it. It would probably be a good idea to take a few dance classes in preparation for the competition.


You’ve been taking private lessons from one of the best dance teachers in town and you are ready. You’re also quite nervous because this is the first time you’ve ever danced in front of anyone before. The bright lights, the loud music, the crowd and the endless running are all factors that can’t be replicated without actually being there. But you’ve practiced day in and day out for the past few months and you’re confident that you’re ready. You’ve even been dreaming of this moment.

You and your partner have come a long way since the first day of class three months ago. You’ll never forget that day and how horrible you both were. In fact, you’re pretty sure everyone was horrible that first day, except the teacher who was probably being nice. But everyone improved quickly and your improvement was among the fastest and most noticeable. That’s probably why you and your partner have become quite close in such a short period of time. The hours of grueling practice everyday helped to forge a special bond between the two of you. You can’t WAIT for her to arrive so that you can leave together.

Bzzz Bzzz

That’s your alarm clock. You set it last night before you went to sleep. You’ve set it every morning for the past two months on the same time. You take your showers and do all your usual morning routines immediately after waking up because you don’t want to risk being late. But you don’t rush and you don’t dawdle either.

You take your time and do everything at an even pace, like you’ve done every morning for the past two months. You’re not going to mess up today just because it’s the big day. After completing your morning ablutions, you put on your special outfit for today. It’s a brand new dress that your mother has made for this special occasion. No point in risking getting any type of stain on it so you make sure to be very careful.

You grab your bag, which has your water bottle and a small snack, and head out to the front room where your mom is waiting for you. She showers you with love and affection and wishes you luck before you leave. You thank her and head out the door. You have to take the bus to the city where you and your partner will be catching a connecting bus to the university where the big dance festival is being held. After arriving at the bus station and catching the right bus, you sit by the window and wait patiently for your partner to arrive.

You’ve done a lot of things in the past couple of months but this is the main event. Everything else has been preparation for this. The door opens and she steps on. You feel your heart flutter at the sight of her and you can’t contain your beaming smile. She’s just as dressed up as you are and it looks perfect on her.

It’s really funny how the two of you have become good friends over these past two months, but this will be the first time you’ve actually talked to each other face to face.

You briefly look away to catch your breath then look back at her and wave. She smiles and walks towards you and you can feel your heart beating through your chest.

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This is it.

This is what it feels like to really live…

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