Your Top 10 Weightlifting Questions Answered

Your Top 10 Weightlifting Questions Answered

Question 1: What is the most common mistake made when lifting weights?

Answer: Not focusing on technique.

Question 2: How many reps are there for each exercise?

Answer: There are six exercises in weight training program. They are bench press, squat, dead lift, overhead press and chin up/chin down. Each exercise has its own prescribed number of repetitions per set. For example, the bench press has 6 sets of 8 reps. You will need to perform all the sets with perfect form. If you fail to complete any of the sets then it means that your form is not good enough or you have some other problem which prevents you from completing the set correctly.

Question 3: Which one of these exercises are usually done first before doing other ones?

Answer: Squat, Dead Lift and Bench Press.

Question 4: Which one of these exercises do you like to use the least?

Answer: Pull Ups.

Question 5: How much time does it take to complete a set?


Question 6: What is the best way to warm up before starting a workout session?

(Warm Up Time)

Question 7: What is the worst thing that can happen while lifting weights?

(Accidents) Answer: Accidentally injuring yourself.

Question 8: What is the most common injury caused during exercising?

(Muscle Pain) Answer: Muscle pain is a common occurrence. If you feel pain when you do an exercise then it is better to stop it immediately.

Question 9: Who is most likely to suffer from weight lifting injuries?


Answer: Some people are prone to certain types of injuries based on their individual body structure. Also, new lifters are more prone to injuries than experienced lifters.

Question 10: What type of exercises are not good to do after an injury?

(Weightlifting) Answer: You should avoid any types of exercises that put the same pressure or force on the injured body part.

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